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Tundra wolves & pups during the den cycle in northern Canada

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This amazing footage of tundra wolves feeding and nursing thier pups was taken by cinematographer Jeff Turner while filming the
documentary 'Caribou & Wolves - The Endless Dance' for BBC 'Animal Planet'
. This short clip was excerpted from that film. Great
Canadian Wildlife Adventures
helped organize, outfitted, guided and flew Jeff Turner around the mainland Arctic during significant
sections for the making of this film.

During late June & early July, the wild tundra wolf pups of the Canadian mainland Arctic will emerge from their sandy dens to begin
experiencing the big world around them. Often pups are left alone for a week or more at a time while the adult wolves are out hunting
for food. Unfortunately, starvation among wolf pups is a sad but common event on the barrenlands.

Tundra wolves and fox favor digging dens under the tree-root systems in the scattered groups of white spruce trees that grow in sand
esker systems found on the central barrenlands on the mainland regions of Northern Canada. Trees such as these are truly old-growth
forest in every sense of the word - magnified stump ring counts reveal that they can range from 800-1100 years old. Den activity locales
link directly to the northbound caribou migration routes that can vary from season to season.

Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures is proud that we are one of the only companies in the world that successfully takes people to see
wild wolves during the den cycle in their natural habitat situated in the true wilderness.

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Watch the full length version of the BBC documentary 'Caribou & Wolves - The Endless Dance' from which this clip was extracted

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