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Tundra Wolf over stands over her Den
This beautiful photo of a female tundra wolf standing over her den was taken in early July by trip leader Michael Needleman during our 'Search
for the Elusive Tundra Wolves'
expedition in Nunavik, Canada. The deep light green grass is an anomaly on the tundra - and is a good indicator of
an active densite: the thick grass is result of rich nutrients entering the soil from scattered animal bones. This particular den had multiple holes of
varying ages - wolves never use the same hole twice. Many holes close together indicates a traditional densite - one that has been used for several
years, sometimes even decades. When this photo was taken, the pups had yet to emerge from the den. The film footage in the link below was shot
at the same time.


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a beautiful tundra wolf at her densite in the remote
wilderness of Nunavik!



Click on photo to check out this wonderful 'short' video clip of remarkable den site activity tundra wolves & their pups:


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