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Nature Photographer
Stephen G. Maka

Stephen G. Maka
worked for several years as a full time nature-wildlife photographer based in Massachusetts. After earning a degree in fine art from the Rhode Island School of Design, he started a design career in New York City. During a successful five years in the city, there was an ever-increasing draw to be in the country. So he made a major career change to nature photography and moved to New England. Combining his fine art background and his love of the natural world he incorporates macro, landscape, and wildlife images into his photographic projects. Because of Steve's respect of the natural world, and desire to protect the environment, he prefers to work with conservation organizations and nature oriented magazines.
His photography is published internationally

and has been used from cards and calendars to posters and billboards. His photos have appeared on many covers of calendars, books and national magazines, including Smithsonian, River, and National Wildlife. Besides publishing, Steve is enthusiastic about sharing his photography experience and knowledge by teaching organized classes and leading field trips. Steve also was President of the NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association) in 2005. During several tundra autumns, we at Great Canadian were proud to work with Stephen Maka on the 'Caribou, Autumn Colours & Aurora' trips to the tundra of Canada's Far North. Over the years we have guided and worked with some of the world's best photographers, and to this day, no one has managed to capture the 'spirit' of the barrenlands on film as well as the artistic eye of Stephen Maka.

Steve had this to say about his experiences with us in the Canadian Arctic:



"Words seem so pitifully inadequate to describe the Barrenlands of the Canadian north... The landscape, wildlife and weather all combine to make this the most unique environment that I have ever photographed."


"Just the immense vastness of the country would have been enough of a reminder of how insignificant our own self-acclaimed importance really is. But add to the remoteness of that space, the extraordinary geology, evidence of pre -history.."

Autumn northern lights - copyright Steve Maka

"and the awesome celestial display of the Aurora Borealis, one's soul is deeply touched and changed forever."

"Even without my passion for nature photography I could have spent every minute of every day in awe of the environment."

Photo group heading out - copyright Steve Maka

"Although my passion was rewarded constantly either with a magnificent landscape, abstract macro, or unique wildlife photo opportunity, the images brought back on film can not compare to the rich memories of the experience of this place."
"The comradeship and bonding; being dropped off by float plane to stalk prehistoric Musk-ox on a barren landscape; ancient stone artifacts reminding us of the passing of time and a primitive existence from the earth."

"Tundra Tom provides an incredible tour to such a remote and harsh area. Without a doubt, the camp is the most comfortably appointed wilderness camp I have stayed in with hot showers, heated tents, and even a cozy library."


"The well-stocked larder is complimented by freshly caught lake trout or grayling cooked on the grill. Tundra biscuits and bannock bread. The question is not when will I return, but rather, for how long?"

- Stephen G. Maka

Click to enlarge! Evening on the esker - copyright Steve Maka click to enlarge



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  ** All photos on this page copyright by Steve Maka, no reproduction without prior permission.

If you are interested to purchase some of Steve's prints; contact him through his awesome website:

Stephen G. Maka Photography
Sherborn, Massachusetts



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