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'Survival of the Fittest'
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An Arctic ground squirrel - locally known as a 'sic-sic' - raises up in curiosity to peek over a musk-ox skull laying on the esker heather.  Photo taken by photographer Scott Schrader on a Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures 'Musk-ox, Autumn Colours & Aurora' trip to Canada's Far North.orth

Scott Writes:

"The diversity and beauty of the landscape, combined with the ever-present wildlife made for an experience that will be deeply cherished for the rest of my life. The day that I watched and photographed caribou, musk ox and an Arctic Wolf all within the span of less than two hours was a day that only happens in the wildest dreams of a nature photographer! The last day of staking out a water-crossing for caribou was an unbelievable day!   I wasn't settled in for five minutes before a herd of a dozen caribou swam across thirty yards away.  After a period of about three hours I saw not less than five crossings ------ the largest herd had nineteen caribou! That herd crossed twenty ­ five feet away from where I had positioned myself!  I would have called that day the thrill of a lifetime if I had not had the experience of stalking musk ox on the day when the fall colors peaked. ---- I don¹t think I have had a day in my life when I felt more alive than I did while stalking musk oxen across the tundra. Returning to camp after a full day on the tundra and watching the Aurora dance across the sky into the wee hours of the morning was an experience that I will never forget... The trip was truly amazing!  The land is unforgettable!  The experience was priceless! Your guides are the absolute cream of the crop. The camp had all of the amenities that anyone could want in such a remote location.  I hope to return to the barrenlands with you and your staff in the very near future. It is with deep gratitude that I say thank you for providing this incredibly unique opportunity..."

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