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Custom-Designed Wildlife Expeditions for Professional Photographers & Cinematographers - Northern Canada

For professional photographers & film crews wishing private, customized packages for wildlife encounters and landscapes, we offer this opportunity in the true Canadian wilderness in the true natural habitat.  Such customized trips are by quotation.  Factors affecting the rates are: location, time frame, type animals, number of people, amount of aircraft support and ground services required.

Opportunities for customized field services are available for the following wild animal species and natural events:

By Request Only:

  • Moose / autumn & winter
  • Woodland Caribou / winter
  • Pronghorn / winter
  • Elk / winter
  • Loon Dance / late autumn


Please note that all of our wildlife trips are of small capacity and are suitable for photographers. The standard programs for wolves, autumn caribou, northern lights, autumn colors and musk-oxen as listed under Wildlife Photography Expeditions are the most economical, as we plan in mixed groups of 6-12 persons, and then break down into field groups of 2-4 people for wildlife encounters.

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If you are wondering as to the quality of our trips for photographers, check out what some of the other pros are saying.

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'Caribou & Wolves - 'The Deadly Dance'

In 2003 & 2004, Great Canadian was proud to facilitate cinematographer Jeff Turner and crew of River Road Films to several wild wolf den sites & the Great Summer Caribou migration. Jeff got some awesome footage - with several grizzlies coming in to a remote water crossing to feed in several caribou that were stuck in the boulders of a creek crossing!   Jeff is in the process of editing his footage into a new next year around Mother's day in the US on Animal Planet and in the UK on BBC2 around the same time on a series called "The Natural World".  Jeff had this to say about his trips with us: 

"I have filmed wolves, caribou and grizzly bears in many areas of the Canadian Arctic over the past 15 years and I have to say that the area around the Thelon is without a doubt the most beautiful piece of Arctic tundra I have ever experienced. It is a world class wilderness with some of the planets most spectacular scenery and wildlife that is hard if not impossible to see anywhere else. I know of no other place where you can go and watch wild wolves around their den. Wolves are one of the most difficult animals to get close to in the wild and Tom and his crew have been doing it here for years. That says a lot about their sensitivity and success as wildlife guides. Tom and his crew at Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures are ideally placed to give access to this wonderful landscape. There is no-one with more experience and knowledge of the area and they have setup a comfortable, warm and homey camp with good food and facilities in the middle of this wilderness. They live lightly on the land here trying always to keep the imprint of man to a minimum in this pristine place. I admire and appreciate the work they do and wish them much success in the future."

-Jeff Turner
River Road Films
Princeton, BC, Canada


Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures

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