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In 2018 we are again offering canoe rental and air charter packages in the Ungava region from Kuujjuaq, Nunavik (northern Quebec) for the Leaf River, Arnaud (Payne) River, Larch River, and many more! These offerings are for both guided & un-guided trips.


Some 2018 cost examples are:

*Kuujjuaq, Nunavik (Ungava region in northern Quebec):

Four persons from Kuujjuaq, QC with two quality Novacraft canoes with painter ropes for each canoe, 6 canoe paddles, 4 floating jackets (PFD's), a satellite phone, the air charter drop-off on the upper Leaf River, and boat or aircraft pick-up at the lower Leaf River two weeks later with return to Kuujjuaq: $3,895.00 CAD per person + tax (total gear weight of 500 lbs). The same deal applies to a party of eight persons.

The remote Leaf River valley in Nunavik Quebec / Photo copyright Murray & Marcelle Douglas

Screen tents, satphones and a variety of expedition equipment are available for rent from us in Kuujjuaq. All additional rental items must be arranged for in advance, and included in the all-over total. Here is a PDF list of rental equipment we have available in Kuujjuaq Quebec:


We are also able to arrange significant discounted tour airfares for our clients to Kuujjuaq from Montreal: Please inquire.

Pick-up on the Leaf River / Photo copyright Murray & Marcelle Douglas

By request we will also provide specific quotes for starting and ending points on any Nunavik and Labrador Rivers.

What we need to know to complete a proper quote for you is:

- which river you want to paddle

- the specific drop-off and pick-up points

- the number of people in your party

- the specific equipment you wish to rent from us

- the approximate amount of your gear weight

- the number of days on the river

Email us for a quote!

Paddling the Leaf / Photo copyright Scott Bailey

It is mandatory that all canoe groups carry a satellite phone and a SPOT or In-Reach Tracker on all river trips that we help organize. You can either rent these from us, or bring your own with you.

Click here to view a short video ciip of a rapids on the Leaf River - awesome Arctic char fishing in spots like this!

Kuujjuaq Nunavik is reached by daily commuter flights from Montreal. We are often able to arrange discounted tour airfares for our clients - please enquire.

Email us for a quote!

Caribou of the Leaf River herd gather to cross the river / copyright Murray & Marcelle Douglas - click on photo to enlarge

Click here to view a video clip of caribou gathering to cross the Leaf River

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Here is a PDF list of rental equipment we have available in Kuujjuaq Quebec:





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