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Mystical Lights over Nunavik
© 2017 Mariela Urra Schiaffino - all rights reserved

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This beautiful photo of the northern lights mixed with evening clouds and the full moon rising behind was taken by trip leader / photographer Mariela Urra Schiaffino in September 2017 while camping among the coastal islands of Ungava Bay, Nunavik in Canada's Far North. Nunavik is situated beneath what is known as the ‘auroral oval’, and is listed as one of the best places in the world to observe this phenomenon. We start to see aurora displays in the Ungava Bay region in mid-August through September each year.

Mariela writes:

"...While during the day we were out exploring the tundra, the nights were the time to share a warm meal and to tell stories and impressions. Many nights we were able to see the spectacle of the Northern Lights dancing in the sky. The local Inuit guides were so important to understand how people have depended on this land to live for thousand of years, and they were so kind to share their knowledge and culture with us. I enjoyed every minute of this learning experience. I was able to witness the positive evolution that our guests experienced in all of our expeditions. Being outside of their comfort zones, exposed to this sublime landscapes, rigorous weather conditions and encounters with animals in the wild, I think It is a genuine and profound invitation to re-think personal choices and priorities in everyone’s life. I am sure that all of them came back home with something much more than great pictures, something new and unexpected to share with friends and family. Being one of the guides I felt like a true travel partner in the deep exploration of this territory..." 

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