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Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures - Our on-line film clips

2015 Caribou Water Crossing

Check out this new video clip of migrating caribou gathering to cross the Leaf River in August 2015. Click on photo to see the film!

2015 Tundra Wolf at the den

Taken by trip leader Michael Needelman during our 'Search for the Legendary Tundra Wolves' expedition in Nunavik

2015 Autumn Musk-ox Challenge

Check out this awesome new video clip taken by client / cinematographer Beth Davidow, of two musk-ox bulls challenging each other on the Nunavik tundra in September 2015

2014 Great Summer Caribou Migration in Nunavik, Canada

2014 'Mingle with Musk-ox' in Nunavik Canada

'Caribou & Wolves - The Endless Dance'

In 2003 & 2003, Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures guided filmmakers Jeff Turner & Paul Zakora on a two-year project that cummulated in the fanatastic BBC documentary for Animal Planet: and now available for viewing on U-Tube:


Tundra wolves & pups at the den



The great summer caribou migration



Summer caribou herd: dangerous water crossing


Autumn caribou water crossing


A bull musk-ox grazing in willows



Paddling the Clarke River


Panorama of Thelon River near Hornby Point


Floatplane lands to pick-up paddlers on the Thelon River


In 2005 & 2006, we accommodated Nunavut-raised helicopter pilot James Forth for two summer seasons at our main camp on the Upper Thelon while he conducted aerial geomagnetic surveys for the famed Stu Blusson - the prospector who co-discovered the Canadian diamonds. Well, James contacted us recently to let us know that he put a short video on U-Tube taken from the cockpit during his flying activities around the areas north of the Thelon.

Click on photo to see the video!

Stu Blusson's R-22 Robinson helicopter on the barrenlands / photo by tundra tom


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