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During our four decades of remote Northern operations, we have had the privilege to work with - and be owned by - several wonderful camp mascots, whose jobs ranged from grizzly 'alarms', and to the delight of the photographers - to 'wooing' wild wolves into camp in order to check out & play with thier new 'kin buddies'!

Salvation disappeared in Hay River NWT in 1979
Salvation - 1973-1979
Mustelle died of old age (assisted) at Kasba lake, NWT in 1992
Mustelle: 1980-1992
Spuzzum was killed by the dogcatcher in Pine Point NWT in 1983
Spuzzum: 1980-1982

Jaker died of old age in Cochenour ON in 2008
Jake: 1995-2008

Killed and ate by a tundra wolf at Whitefish Lake NWT in 2010
Tango - 2003-2010

Girly is a Siberian Husky cross (with something or other) - photo is with her old boyfriend Tango in the background - now deceased
Girly - 2010 (and still with us)

Oscar - 2015



Jake in his prime on the Thelon tundra in 1999 - photo taken by the late Galen Rowell
 Jake in his prime on the Thelon tundra in 1999 - photo taken by the late Galen Rowell

Jake has left us for a better & higher piece of tundra


On October 13, 2008, at age 14, our camp mascot Jake wandered away down a wet bush road in NW Ontario in the middle of the night, and left this corrupt world for a better & higher piece of tundra.

Jake led quite the life indeed - having flown, hiked & paddled across much of the mainland Arctic - to running free wherever we went. As a half-wolf himself, he often lured other lone tundra wolves and occassionally wolf pups right down into the wildlife camp yard, to the delight of our photographer guests!

He once ran like the wind.....


The camp mascot team of Girly & Tango joined us on the field for duty in 2010
Unfortunately Tango was killed and eaten by a tundra wolf that summer... Girly is still with us now.

Girly trying to flush ptarmigan out of the low birch bushes at the autumn wildlife camp in Nunavik in 2013

2013: Girly 'talking' with her wolf sisters at a wildlife viewing camp in Nunavik



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