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Monster Iceberg
Photo copyright by David Ward - all rights reserved

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A huge iceberg drifts into Ungave Bay Nunavik from the Davis Straight - very possibly originating from the Greenland icefields to the Northeast. Ungava Bay often has many such icebergs floating around, having been pushed in by the frequent northeast winds from the Arctic ocean into Davis and Hudson Straits. Often they will drift right to the bottom of Ungava Bay - run aground on the islands and shoreline - and then implode and collapse right before your eyes! This awesome photo was taken by client / photographer David Ward on our 2017 'Polar Bears, Musk-ox, Icebergs & Seals' wildlife expedition to Canada's Far North.

David Ward writes:

"We spotted icebergs in the distance out on Ungava Bay. After lunch we ventured out for our last boat adventure. We saw one more polar bear, but he disappeared over the hill before we could get close. Which was OK. Again, it IS the wild. So we headed out to Ungava Bay and found an iceberg stuck on the end of a small island. James maneuvered us to within 100 yards of this 5 story tall iceberg
that literally took everyone’s breath away...

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