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Gyrfalcon Nest on the Tundra

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This fantastic sequence of photos of a gyrfalcon adult feeding its young in the nest during the 'gray phase' was taken by client / photographer
Eric Peterson during a 'Search for the Legendary Tundra Wolves' wildlife expedition to Canada's Far North. Similar to peregrine, gyrfalcons are
normally cliff-nesters - so building a nest in a tree like this is a relatively rare occurance that we have only encountered in isolated stands of
trees located in sand esker systems near the tree-line. Gyrfalcons generally nest on the mainland Arctic for the months of June & July. The
adults hunt for small game to feed their chicks. In mid-August the young fledge and attempt to fly from the nest: There is a surprisingly high
mortality rate with the chicks flight attempts.

All photos on this webpage are copyrighted to Eric Peterson - all rights reserved


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