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Inuksuk in Gold
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This beautiful photo of an ancient Inuit inukhuit on the Thelon tundra with an awesome golden sunset in the background was taken by photographer Dennis Fast during our special 'Musk-ox, Autumn Colors & Aurora' expedition in Canada's Far North. An Inuksuk is a man-made stone marker that look like the shape of a person. They serve many purposes and have been vital to the survival of Inuit traveling on the land. Inuksuk were constructed from whatever stones were available nearby. Each one represents the land around it and since it is built from the land it represents it also has a strong tie to the land for the Inuit people. Once built they are considered sacred and if destroyed or disassembled, it is said to be a bad luck and some say shorten the life of the one who destroys it. Inukshuit have been used for hunting and navigation mostly.  Inukshuit were also built to show a direction or form a window to lead the viewers eye to prime land for caches of meat, or other significant locations.


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