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Wildlife Photographer
Dennis Fast

Dennis Fast is an avid birder both casually and competitively with a prime interest in nature photography. Until June of 1998, Dennis was a public school principal in Southern Manitoba.  During school breaks and holidays, he could be found with his camera in tow pursuing his passion - wildlife photography. The majesty of our earth has been captured through the eye of his camera lens.  Over the years Dennis has been a frequent guest on CBC Radio answering callers' questions about birds.  He has also been interviewed for television on a number of occasions on a variety of birding and conservation topics. Dennis has conducted numerous photographic workshops and been a guest presenter at photographic conferences across Canada. A significant number of Dennis's pictures can be found in "Pelicans to Polar Bears", a wildlife viewing guide to Manitoba, in several calendars and other publications including his recently published book on polar bears, "Wapusk: White Bear of the North" and "Magical, Mysterious Lake of the Woods" with Heather Robertson. Dennis has traveled extensively across Canada, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Greenland, Iceland, and the USA in pursuit of photographs.

Photo of Canadian photographer Dennis Fast by Pat Price


We at Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures were proud to host photographer Dennis Fast on one of our special 'Musk-ox, Autumn Colours & Aurora' trips.  Dennis had this to say about his adventure with us on the 'barrenlands':


A herd of muskoxen crosses the creek below the waiting photographers - note the herd of caribou in the distance / copyright Dennis Fast

"Visiting the tundra of the legendary Thelon River was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I came for the musk oxen and the caribou, but left with ever so much more."

"The exceptional beauty of the area begs for superlatives, but all of them seem trite in comparison to the incredible feelings generated by one of the most profoundly stirring landscapes in Canada."

The rolling tundra landscape is a photographer's delight / copyright Dennis Fast

Bearberry covers a sand esker in blazing fall colours / copyright Dennis Fast


"The huge rolling sand eskers covered in a mantle of bearberries, and a host of other colourful tundra plants, seemed too red to be real."

A weathered branch, reminiscent of caribou antlers, slowly returns to the tundra soil / copyright Dennis Fast

A tundra cranberry clings to a small crevice in the side of a lichen-covered rock / copyright Dennis Fast

"They almost looked more like planted 
hanging gardens than nature at her best!"

A single pine cone nestles among the tundra bearberry and crowberry vegetation / copyright Dennis Fast



"The feeling of solitude and wilderness became most acute under the breathtaking night sky as aurora danced and sang their hypnotic music of the spheres."



"No one could look up at the shows we experienced and not feel a sense of awe and humility."

The full moon landscape is over-shadowed by the magnificent aurora / copyright Dennis Fast

A natural inukshuk seems to embrace the setting sun / copyright Dennis Fast
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"It was a real treat to see and share in the passion you and your staff so obviously feel toward the North. Your stories about the early aboriginal inhabitants, and the explorers and trappers who followed them, made history come alive."  

"No one could visit your camp without a new respect for God's country and all who have dared to call it home."

Solitude reigns over the colourful tundra and tranquil lakes / copyright Dennis Fast

"Let's hope that the Thelon watershed remains a sanctuary for generations to come, especially for the wildlife and plants, which thrive only when given room to breath."

"I have traveled to many places in Canada and other parts of the world, but few have stirred me so deeply as the tundra and the wildlife of the Thelon" 

"In my mind I am back there already."

 Dennis Fast

Photographer Dennis Fast shooting a magnificent upper Thelon sunset - photo by Ecoventures leader Allicia Kelly


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Muskox skull in sunset / copyright Dennis Fast

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