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 A message from Tundra Tom: March 2018:

Girly & Tom in Labrador

Greetings from the Wilderness of Nunavik!
In September we completed our sixth operating season in Nunavik Canada, and had the best ever! We enjoyed fantastic wild-life adventures including numerous sightings of polar bears, seals, fox, eagles, falcons, icebergs and northern lights. We saw wild wolves hunting and circling musk-ox herds, and had head-on encounters with the great caribou migration. This remarkable and remote wilderness region is easily accessed by daily commercial flights 1500 km (1000 airmiles) north of Montreal to the coast of Ungava Bay at Kuujjuaq, the capital of Nunavik. This area is home to the Inuit people who live and have harvested this land for thousands of years. We launch our expeditions into this incredible wilderness by charter aircraft, helicopters and seagoing vessels. Nunavik is also home to the Leaf River caribou herd, now the largest in Canada. Following the caribou are packs of wild wolves that stop en-route to den and rear their pups. This region is also home to thousands of musk-oxen and hundreds of polar bears range the coastal islands and shorelines. So come take a look at our adventure offerings for 2018 and join us next summer on a incredible expedition to this hauntingly beautiful, wildlife-rich, little-explored and newly accessible wilderness region!

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just hot off the press!

Check out this awesome new video clip of a rarely-seen musk-ox battle in Nunavik - filmed in 2017 by client Geoff Glassner!

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Flying to the Arctic is an expensive proposition. This is due to long air distances, the high cost of operations often in sub-zero temperatures; the high cost of fuel in the north and the low volume of passengers to such small population centers. However in the spirit of future tourism growth First Air is offering special tour rates that are substantially discounted! Details and tour codes are provided at time of reservation with us:

Polar Bears, Musk-oxen, Icebergs & Seals!
We are pleased to announce that our newest wildlife expedition that we operated for the second season in Ungava Bay Nunavik this past summer was a huge success, with 100% extended encounters with musk-ox and polar bears by all clients in 2016 and 2017! We are also seeing bearded seals, birds-of-prey, seabirds, migratory waterfowl and experiencing some of the highest tides in the world! Compared to many of our other wildlife trips, extended hiking is optional to get excellent wildlife exposures... These special boating and camping expeditions are easy going with little or no hiking necessary. We stay at comfortable coastal camps and launch day-trips by boat to explore among the numerous islands in search of musk-ox, icebergs – and polar bears!

Photo © Mariella Urra - click to enlarge

This fantastic photo of a male polar bear making landfall after an island-to-island swim was taken in mid-August 2017 by Belgium client / photographer Caroline Vancoillie while exploring among the numerous islands of Ungava Bay Nunavik. over a period of four more days the small group had three encounters with the great white bears; plus saw bearded seals, musk-oxen herds, peregrine falcons. Caroline writes:

"For quite some time I was looking for an experience seeing polar bears in their natural habitat. The trip Tom is offering seemed to be an answer, a small group, remote, respecting the environment, the nature and the wildlife.  Having just been in the field I just have one word: it was FANTASTIC!"

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National Geographic
'Primal Survivor'

In January 2017 we completed a winter film shoot in northern Quebec with Icon Films for the National Geographic Channel TV series 'Primal Survivor' with Hazen Audel. Over a period of ten days we saw a more than a thousand caribou of the Leaf River herd scattered about in groups ranging from singles to a hundred animals in their wintering grounds along the shores of James Bay, near the Nunavik boundary in northern Canada. This episode first aired in the USA on May 28th.

Our 2018 & 2019 Expeditions
are now on-line!

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Caribou migration video filmed in Nunavik Canada

Check out this great short video clip taken by client Beth Davidow showing migrating caribou gathering to cross a remote Arctic River. Click on photo to see the film!

LIVE from the FIELD!

From foxes, icebergs and northern lights to musk-ox, peregrines and polar bears - see our 2017 in action! Check out our frequent 'Live from the Field' updates on our Facebook Page.
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It was an amazing site to see huge bands of caribou come streaming down the ridges and into the river. Over a period of days our small group saw thousands during the summer caribou migration of cows & calves headed south off the calving grounds. According to the biologists, as of autumn 2016 the Leaf River caribou herd count is now about 200,000 animals: slowly dropping - but still the largest caribou herd remaining in Canada. See

Dr. Stephen Fielding
Two seasons ago we were proud to accommodate East Coast USA author / photographer Dr. Stephen Fielding on our 'Mingle with Musk-ox' wildlife expedition to Nunavik, Canada. Hailing from Rochester New York, he and his friend Rich Sajdak drove to Montreal and then flew way up to Nunavik to join the expedition. Steve just published a book released in 2016 about his trip to the Far North titled 'Nunavik - A Photo Essay'.

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Winter Caribou & The James Bay Cree

In January 2017 we operated our second winter caribou expedtion along the remote shores of James Bay in Quebec. Over a period of several days we encountered more that a thousand caribou of the Leaf River Herd in small groups of 5-100 animals at their wintering grounds in the tree-line.

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Filmaker Beth Davidow

In September 2015 and again in August 2016 we were proud to host professional Cinematographer Beth Davidow, who traveled from Arizona to Nunavik Canada to join two weeks of our 'Musk-ox, Autumn Colours & Aurora' trip, and then again last summer for two weeks of our 2016 caribou migration expedition! She got into the musk-ox herds and the caribou migration in a big way! Click photo to check out her updated photo essay!

Caribou video filmed in Nunavik - 2015

Check out this great short video clip taken by New Zealand client Murray Douglas, showing migrating caribou of the Leaf River herd gathering to cross a remote river on the Ungava Peninsula in August 2015. Click on photo to see the film!

Wonderful Wilderness!

In September 2015 Australian journalist Stan Davis joined our autumn muskox and northern lights trips. The article he wrote about it just was released in February 2016 in the on-line publication 'The West Australian'. Click on photo to check out the photo story - note that each photo has its own dialogue associated with it.

Animal Empires:

This musk-ox and camera photo was taken August 11, 2015 in Nunavik Canada by cinematographer Bob Daly. We accompished a successful musk-ox film shoot on the field with Bob Daly and Adam Vautour of Arcadia Entertainment from Halifax, as part of a upcoming series called 'Animal Empires'. We will update our page when there are more details on the airtime. Last week we had the same crew on our summer caribou migration expedition where over a period of days, they encountered thousands of caribou at a major water crossing - more photos to come!

Wild Wolves' on the
Nunavik Tundra!

This awesome photo of an adult female tundra wolf on a windy tundra day was taken by trip leader Michael Needelman in late July at a remote den-site in Nunavik Canada, during our special 'Search for the Legendary Tundra Wolves' wildllife expeditions.


The 2014 Great Summer Caribou Migration in Nunavik, Canada

Click on photo to watch this 5-minute video taken in 2014 during the summer caribou migration!


Too much harrassment is going on with wild animals for the sake of good photos or close encounters these days. This includes the on-going use of motorized buggies for sensitive polar bear encounters; use of helicopters by biologists to monitor and tag wolves and caribou; motorized boats for approaching often too close to whales and seals; hunting outfitters still promoting hunting of sensitive or declining species such as Canada's barrenground & woodland caribou populations, polar bear - and the list goes on. Recently a new non-profit organization called FAADA: the Foundation for the Adoptional Sponsorship and Defence of Animals -has recently been established in Spain for the defense of animals in regard to proper tourism practices and principals. We heartily endose their philosophy, and we are now a proud member!

Turismo Responsable

Just what the heck is an esker, anyway?

Winding across the Canadian northern boreal forests and tundra, eskers are excellent landmarks - are lofty highways for migrating caribou, and offer perfect den conditions for wild wolves & fox as well as roost for birds-of-prey.

Click here or on photo to learn more about eskers - and to see some great photos of this unique geological phenomena - and why they are so important!


An esker in full autumn colour on the upper Thelon, NWT - photo copright Steve Maka An esker on the tundra

Our Camp Mascots

During our four decades of remote Northern operations, we have had the privilege to work with several wonderful camp mascots, whose jobs ranged from bear 'alarms' to 'wooing' wild wolves' into camp to check out the dog!

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'Butter' is a 2-year old Siberian husky mix, and 'Tango' is a 7-year old sheppard-colie mix.  These two are madly in love, and are our new mascot team!  / Phoot by Tundra Tom
Girly & Tango joined us in Nunavut in 2010

Aviation has always been an integral part of the Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures field operations. The specific type of aircraft we put to service each year depended directly on the type of expeditions we were operating, and the number of clients booked from season to season. Following nearly four decades of remote operations in the central barrenlands we have worked with many aircraft, and have more than a few stories to tell! Click on photo to visit our updated photo gallery showing many of the aircraft we have operated in the Arctic over the years.

'Caribou & Wolves - 'The Endless Dance'

Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures was proud to facilitate cinematographer Jeff Turner and crew of River Road Films to several wild wolf den sites and the Great Summer Caribou migration. Jeff got some awesome footage - with several grizzlies coming in to a remote water crossing to feed in several caribou that were stuck in the boulders of a creek crossing. During the spring of 2004, Jeff also got some quality wolf pup footage on the upper Thelon.  This has resulted in an excellent wildlife documentary that was aired in the UK on BBC2 "The Natural World", and on Discovery Channels' Animal Planet in 2006.   Click on photo to view the documentary!

Cinematographer Jeff Turner with Ecoventures on the tundra in 2003 while working on a BBC documentary
Jeff Turner on the barrenlands

A leopard on the Africa frontier - Camera trap photo from Limpopo Transfrontier Predator Project by Kristoffer and Leah Everatt
A leopard on the Africa frontier

In 2010 trip leader Kristoffer Everatt helped guide our most successful ever 'Dance with Wolves' trip for us in Canada's far north - and he was without doubt one of the best wildlife guides that we ever worked with.Recently we got an email from Kris, who we just learned is now on the front line in Africa working on the Limpopo Transfrontier Predator Project along with his wife Leah and two young kids.
Cheetah, lion and African wild dog are among the most threatened carnivore species in the world, having suffered catastrophic population declines and dramatic range contractions in the past 50 years. Click on the photo to visit the project website, and perhaps have the heart to help donate to the project which, according to Kris - is just hanging on by a thread...

Our Mini-Movies On-Line!

Check out our new on-line film clip shorts of tundra wolves & pups at the den, the great summer caribou migration, and scenes along the Thelon River.

Click here or on photo to visit our movies page!

Tundra wolf pups at the densite / photo copyright George Nagel

Lee Mann on the field
Lee Mann


We were saddened that our long time client, friend and mentor - photographer Lee Mann suddenly passed away after a brief battle with cancer on July 21, 2011. We were proud to have accommodated photographer Lee Mann on two 'Muskox, Autumn Colours & Aurora' trips, and later on one of our special 'Dance with Wolves' trips.  Prior to 1998 we had not met Lee before - nor was I familiar with his work. During his first trip with us, one evening we were sitting in the kitchen at the wildlife camp, and Lee showed us a small portfolio of his published poster work. Having the privilege of working with some of the world's best photographers, I didn't really expect what he showed us - immediately I was drawn into his beautiful, haunting - even mystical view of our natural world as seen through the eyes of a true master. After Lee's trip we received a mystery courier package ... inside was a wonderful gift of mounted print blow-ups that we now proudly displayin our office. Thanks for everything Lee!

Dr. Ron Burmeister

Ron Burmeister worked for thirty-five years as a medical doctor in the USA. During that time he came North with us five times starting in 1988; and most recently in 2009 on our 'Muskox, Autumn Colours & Aurora trip to the Canadian Far North. Click photo to visit Ron's recent write-up he submitted to our site. Ron''s deep Christian values has also enticed him to write some inspirational articles about the spiritual element of his northern Arctic adventures: see links from his photo essay page.


Ron Burmeister casts & contemplates during an Arctic sunset in Nunavut in 2009 / photo copyright David C. Olson -  all rights reserved
Ron Burmeister flyfishes in serenity on the tundra

New book about the caribou herds

"Caribou and the North: a Shared Future"

In the fall of 2008 a wonderful new book about caribou was released. Co-written by Monty Hummel - President Emeritus of the World Wildlife Fund Canada & Dr. Justina Ray, this high-profile book includes a forward by Robert Redford and sketches by renowned artist Robert Bateman. Well, imagine our surprise to discover that 26 of the quality photos (including the cover photo) in this new book were taken by our Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures clients during various wildlife trips that we "facilitated" to remote regions of the Northwest Territories & Nunavut over the past two decades! Click on photo to read our review about this book

In Memory of Barbara & Galen
It has been more than a decade since the late, great photographer Galen Rowell and his wife Barbara last attended our 'Muskox, Autumn Colours & Aurora' trips to the barrenlands of Northern Canada - and eight years since their unfortunate deaths in a tragic aircraft crash near their Calfornia home. However, Galen's immortal photography continues to appear in publications & calendars, and this is what has inspired us to present a 'flash from the past' for our Feburary 2010 'Photo of the Month'. Galen wrote this in his journal:

"Tundra Tom doesn't promise more than he can deliver, but he does deliver more than he promisesHe never said I'd see a wolverine, or step outside my tent beside a lake reflecting the northern lights and a crescent moon as wolf howls pierced the night.. "

Imagine our surprise when we saw a copy of Canadian Author's Farley Mowat's book: 'High Latitudes' - and realized that the cover photo was taken by the late Galen Rowell near our Great Canadian wildlife camp on the remote upper Thelon River in the mainland Arctic!  Mowats' new book depicts life and changes in the North through the eyes of the northerners that live here and own his personal experiences.  Some of his previous - and sometimes controversial works include 'Never Cry Wolf', 'People of the Deer' and the 'Desperate People'. 

Canadian Northern Lights Award
for Excellence in Travel Journalism:

Client & Canadian author Catherine Senecal won the prestigious ' Canadian Travel Commission's Northern Lights Award for Excellence in Travel Journalism'  for best Internet Reporting.  Well, Cathy's winning story was written about her trip with Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures on the 'Great Summer Caribou Migration'!  Click on photos to read Catherine's on-line article, or click to learn more about the caribou migration trips slated for next summer.  Cathy had this to say about her trip: 

"I loved the camp and being out on the barrens - I even love saying, "when I was out on the barren lands" to people. It makes me sound so adventurous! The truth is your trip, camp and tour make this stunning land and its animals accessible to people willing to let their minds and spirits compel them to a place perhaps more wild and epiphanic than they could have predicted." 

Author Catherine Senecal - winner of 2002 Northern Lights Award!
Catherine Senecal

Past Acclimations...

In 2002, 'Tundra Tom' and Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures were nominated by past client & fellow Yukon Northerner Dr. Dave Simonson for the World Wildlife Fund International Arctic Programme Arctic Award for Linking Tourism and Conservation.  Dave's initial nomination was then backed up by other clients including author Alan Weisman from Conde Naste Traveler, and photographer Lonnie Brock.  Click logo at left to read the nomination letters!

Buried on the barrens of the
upper Thelon River

The Faess family - beginning with Grandfather Carl, Father Henry & Mother Marcella, and followed to this day by Tundra Tom - have together cumulatively spent the past 62 years guiding, exploring & flying the Canadian Far North...

To learn more of the Faess Family history
click here or on photo!

Plaque at Hank Faess's grave on the upper Thelon River

Conde Nast Traveler's 'Diamonds in the Wild'

The controversial article titled 'Diamonds in the Wild', excerpted from the December 2001 issue of Conde Nast Traveler magazine is on-line in our website. This feature article was result from Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures hosting author / journalist Alan Weisman, accompanied by Pulitzer-prize winning  photographer Jay Dickman for a 'Musk-ox, Autumn Colours & Aurora' trip to the Thelon region on the NWT & Nunavut, on contract with Conde Naste Traveler magazine in year 2000. 'Must reading' for those thinking of coming to the Thelon - check it out! - click on photo
to read the article!





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