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A map of the approximate annual range of the migratory
Leaf River caribou herd of northern Quebec in Canada

Our special caribou migration expeditions begin and end in Kuujjuaq Nunavik (northern Quebec). Kuujjuaq can be reached
by daily jet flights 1500 km (1000 airmiles) north of Montreal, Quebec Canada.

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During late April each year, the pregnant caribou cows of the Leaf River herd migrate north to their calving grounds on the tip
of the Ungava Peninsula in the Nunavik region of northern Quebec. Then they head back south again in late July with their
newborne calves to intercept the bulls near the tree-line. During this period the cows & calves will swell into what is known as
'bunches' - often at water crossings - and then dissipate again. This cycle continues over a two to three week period. Once the
bull caribou are met, the animals spread out and graze in small groups in the late summer and early autumn migratory lull,
while they feed and build up fat stores to endure the upcoming winter and mating period.

The decline of both barrenland and woodland caribou populations of the Canadian caribou herds has been a growing and
alarming issue over the past decade. However, according to biologists recent indicators are now showing that some of the
herds are slowly re-growing in numbers, while other herds continue to reduce in size. The Leaf River Herd in Nunavik remains
the largest and most healthy caribou herd remaining in Canada: by the most recent biologist count survey in 2015 the Leaf
River herd has an estimated 332,000 animals.

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The 2016 Great Summer Caribou Migration

Filmed in August 2016 by cinematographer Beth Davidow on the remote Ungava Peninsula in Nunavik Canada


Migrating caribou gathering to cross the Leaf River in August 2015.
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The 2014 Great Summer Caribou Migration in Nunavik, Canada

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Summer caribou herd: dangerous water crossing



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