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The Great Summer Caribou Migration

Join us in Canada's Far North to encounter the mid-summer migration of the Leaf River barrenground caribou herd - one of the last great wildlife spectacles in North America since the bygone days of the buffalo...

All photos on this webpage have been taken by our clients and trip leaders while attending Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures expeditions at our various operating locations in northern Canada

Tundra Tom
Tundra Tom with photographers hiding in the bushes shows off a barrenground caribou 'bunch' in Canada's Far North. Photo copyright Terry Elliot

Barrenground caribou bunch
Barrenground caribou 'bunch' during the summer migration - Click on photo to enlarge

Come see the caribou herds while you still can - we still know how to find them!

The barrenground caribou of Nunavik Canada have some of the largest & least influenced congregates in the world. Every year, many thousands of animals migrate from the tree-line to the calving grounds on the remote Arctic tundra, and then back again during the summer and autumn. Our wildlife camps are set up near one of the main southbound migratory routes, often allowing us high quality caribou migration encounters.

Caribou swimming
Caribou cows & calves of the Leaf River Herd swim an Arctic River on the Ungava Peninsula in Nunavik Canada during 2015 - photo by trip leader Thomas Groening


A non-refundable deposit of $1,000.00 per person booked is required at time of registration

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You also have the choice to combine two back-to-back trips of the 'Great Summer Caribou Migration' expeditions at a reduced rate: Add on $3,995.00.00 CDN / $3,200.00 USD per person (+ tax) for the second trip!

The 2018 'Great Summer Caribou Migration' Expeditions:
Two six-day Departures
Seats Left
Prices (Rates do not include HST tax)
July 27 - August 1, 2018

Single: $5,450.00 CAD / $4,500.00 USD
Double: $9,995.00 CAD / $8,300.00 USD

August 1-8, 2018

Single: $5,450.00 CAD / $4,500.00 USD
Double: $9,995.00 CAD / $8,300.00 USD

A non-refundable deposit of $1,000.00 per person booked is required at time of registration

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Our special caribou migration expeditions begin and end in Kuujjuaq Nunavik (northern Quebec). Kuujjuaq can be reached by daily jet flights 1500 km north of Montreal, Quebec Canada.

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Landing on the tundra of Nunavik at one of remote wildlife camps in 2014

We will start this unique wildllife adventure by boarding an aircraft at the remote northern Inuit settlement of Kuujjuaq Nunavik, and fly to the active area of the on-going summer caribou migration. We will land at a coastal airstrip on the Ungava Peninsula to embark on a 50-100 km journey with Inuit guides in powered traditional freighter canoes up a remote Arctic river, to camp at a major active caribou water crossing.

Caribou nearly miss the boat during the 'Great Summer Caribou Migration' expedition! Click on photo to enlarge

A caribou calf 'piggybacks' on its mothers back during a water crossing during the 'Great Summer Caribou Migration' expedition.
Photo copyright Rachel Kobernick

Incredible wildlife opportunities, awesome tundra landscapes, ancient Inuit and Viking history all come together to highlight this remarkable expedition to one of the most remote wilderness locations on earth!

Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures

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