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Nature photographer
Lonnie Brock

In the autumns of 2001, 2002, 2004 & 2006 during the years when we still operating out of Yellowknife in the NWT, Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures was proud to have sponsored nature photographer Lonnie Brock and his 'Nature Workshops' along with his entourage of fellow photography workshop students.

The following are some comments and photos that he wrote about his early trips with us, and then donated to our site - thanks, Lonnie! 


musk-oxen herd in the upper Thelon River valley / copyright Lonnie Brock

"Well, I didn't know how it could be better than the prior year, but it certainly was.  The wildlife never stopped coming, from the first musk ox we encountered on the "get acquainted" tour.." "
" the last caribou that were roaming through camp as we readied ourselves for the trip back to Yellowknife.  When you told us that we would become blasé about the caribou coming through camp by the end of the trip, I thought you were just hyping the situation.  To my surprise, you were absolutely correct.   Our daily visits in the camp by caribou bulls became a part of being there." Caribou catches our scent and doesn't know if it should be afraid or not! /  copyright Lonnie Brockl
"The daily stalks in the surrounding country, led by the very trip leaders, were exciting throughout.  With the cool overcast days giving the wildlife more incentive to be active, we were able to find our prey wherever we ventured.  Absolutely no hike was un-rewarded - we were never shut out."
 "The guide's calm and smooth "dancing" seemed to mesmerize the caribou, and several ventured to within a few yards of our groups.  We were able to see the truly wonderful inquisitiveness of these gorgeous animals.  One can only wonder what they must be thinking of all these weird people with cameras venturing into their domain." musk-ox bull peeks around bushes at us - talk about close! / copyright Lonnie Brock
Bull cariobu seems to pose for us / copyright Lonnie Brock "When the opportunity presented itself, the guide turned his magic towards the musk ox with the same fantastic results.  His caribou dance brought a young bull quite close to investigate what was happening.  The complete lack of fear that you find in many of the tundra's animals gives me hope that man and beast can actually find a way to live together, without us doing harm to them." 
"The fall colors were abundant before we left and provided us with excellent photo opportunities, too.  Some of our group caught lunch and dinner for a couple of days for everyone, fishing in the pristine waters of the Thelon." Aminita muskoom after autumn rain on the tundra / copyright Lonnie Brock
sunrise on the Ecoventures wildlife camp beach / copyright Lonnie Brock


 "If there is a better total package for photographers to visit the wilderness, I have no idea where it could be.  This is the epitome of untouched lands, and, without a doubt, I have become addicted." 

-Lonnie Brock


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All photography on this page copyright Lonnie Brock - no reproduction or downloading without prior permission.

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