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Caribou Just 'Miss the Boat'...

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Barrenground caribou of the Leaf River herd nearly 'miss the boat' on the Ungava Peninsula of Nunavik in northern Canada. The small group traveled by freighter canoe up a remote tundra river with Inuit guides, and camped out en-route. Over a period of a few days they saw thousands of caribou in groups of hundreds at at time at primary water crossings and along age-old trails in this incredibly pristine and isolated wilderness area. Photo taken by trip leader Rachel Kobernick on the Great Summer Caribou Migration expedition. The Leaf River barrenground caribou of Nunavik is one of the largest & least influenced caribou congregates in the world.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of animals migrate from the tree-line to the calving grounds on the remote Arctic tundra, and then back again during the summer and autumn. Our wildlife camps are set up near main southbound migratory routes, allowing us high quality caribou migration encounters.

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The 2016 Great Summer Caribou Migration

Filmed in August 2016 by cinematographer Beth Davidow on the remote Ungava Peninsula in Nunavik Canada


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