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Wildlife Photographer Art Wolfe
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Tundra wolf on Arctic skyline
Taken by Art Wolfe on a Great Canadian trip June/July 1999

"The wolves photography trip started off a bit sketchy. First, the pack that usually dens at our main wolves' treeline camp were not where they were supposed to be last spring (they were discovered a days later 20 miles down the lake by boat). The pack was on a remote island where they apparently had gotten stuck at ice breakup! Then, the tundra wolves at our main tundra basecamp moved their rendezvous site off about 2 miles away onto a open sand flat area that was impossible to approach without detection, making photography opportunities minimal.

We finally located another den about 20 miles away by air and some photography was accomplished here - but the wolves abandoned the den after a few days. About half way through the trip, Art, Gavriel and I flew over 200 miles in the floatplane to check out another den site that I knew of. We saw two grizzly and two herds of musk-oxen - but no wolves. On the flight back, Art - with the keen eye of a professional - spotted a white wolf from the air. We circled and got a GPS position, and flew back the next day where they camped in and got some of their best shots of the whole trip (above).

After four decades of flying and guiding photographers in the Arctic, I can say without hesitation that Art Wolfe is far and away the most professional I have ever had the privilege to work with. His artistic eye, his patience and congeniality with the wilderness and the circumstances / obstacles it can throw out on a daily basis is truly admirable.  No wonder he's considered one of the world's best!"

-Tundra Tom



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Art Wolfe Returning North!

Art is returning to the Far North with us in July 2017, on a special private photo seminar to photograph tundra wolves' in the wild during the den cycle in Nunavik. If you are interested to join Art this summer, there are still a few seats left on his upcoming July trip - click photo to learn more!


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