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Trip Leader / Wildlife Guide
Andrew MacPherson

During the four years that Andrew worked as a wildlife guide & interpreter with Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures, he had become one of our key people on the field.  Andrew spent several years working on the BC Coast as a marine fisheries technician. He has a degree in Environmental Sciences, advanced First Aid and the advanced sea kayak leadership course under his belt.  

Andy had this to say about his seasons of working on the field with us:


"Curiosity and Chance.  Everyone has different motivations for traveling, and these were mine at the time.  I was curious about the North: so eloquently written of by Pierre Burton, Farley Mowat and countless others in the not so distant past, in stories that told of unlimited adventures, unimaginable challenges and the surreal beauty that could be found there.  My own chance came through a friend who introduced me to Tundra Tom and his company Great Canadian Wilderness in the fall of 2000." 

"From the moment I arrived at Whitefish Lake I was overwhelmed by a landscape I'd never experienced before;"

"a landscape seemingly suspended in time, dictated to only by the ebb and flow of the changing seasons."

"The Barrenlands are a place of immense beauty, unending rhythms, quiet isolation and undisturbed harmony."

"It is a land which gives you the chance to look into a tangible past filled with ghosts - some of which might creep into the depths of your being."

"It is a remarkable paradise that will capture your imagination, touch your soul and possibly change a person forever."

"What can I say? It has changed me; "I'm hooked"; caught in the Thelon's spell; and looking ever forward to the endless adventures, challenges, and beauty which I now know are there waiting to be rediscovered, as timeless as ever."

- Andrew MacPherson



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