2015 tundra wolf encounter in Nunavik Canada

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This awesome video footage of a female tundra wolf over her den was taken in early July 2015 by trip leader
Michael Needleman during our 'Search for the Legendary Tundra Wolves' expedition to Nunavik, Canada.

Wolves such as this remain one of the world's most intelligent and elusive creatures. Following centuries of
persecution, hunting, and even sanctioned poisoning by trappers, ranchers and intolerant Governments throughout
the world - the wilds of Northern Canada remain one of the last strongholds - and even here wolves rightfully tend
to be shy of humans and their activities.

Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures is proud to boast that we are one of the only companies in the world that offers
a relatively high degree of success to encounter wolves in their natural habitat. We accomplish this without
the use of any artificial means such as captivity, collars or implanted radio devices. Instead we take advantage of
traditional wilderness knowledge of consistent migratory, hunting and den cycle activities of wolves that we have
learned in four decades of bush flying & guiding in the remote Arctic & sub-Arctic wilds of Canada.


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Click on photo to check out this wonderful 'short' video clip of
remarkable den site activity tundra wolves & their pups



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