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Customer comments from past expeditions: 2015-2014

The best possible explanation about the land, the animals, the camps and level of service that Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures provides is best described by our valued customers who have undergone their own journeys to the Arctic with us. The following testimonials are for real. If you are seriously considering joining us on our trips, please feel free to contact us, and we will be pleased to put you directly in touch with those who have attended our trips over the past few seasons - and then let THEM tell you about the wonderful experiences that Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures has to offer you...

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"I am emailing to thank you for your hospitality when I had the pleasure of being in Kuujjuaq recently with Great Canadian Wildlife. I am also grateful to you for generously sharing the amazing history of your town and the hard fought successes you have all achieved. I really appreciated the time you took to answer questions and for the tours you gave, the first on my own and the second one with Tom's other guests. I know that the other guests were also inspired by the historical achievements you described - we were talking together about this as we left."

"I am also writing to express my appreciation that Great Canadian Wildlife is part of the Nunavik tourism attractions. I enjoyed the tour with them immensely and learned so much about the wildlife and the local environment. The arrangements made by Tom are excellent and must take many hours of hard work and organization. The guides were very knowledgeable and very respectful of the wildlife and the environment. They were careful to ensure that guests understood the need for care in how the environment and the animals were approached. Even though the weather was difficult on some days and the musk ox herds did not always make life easy by coming close to the camp these were the challenges which made the trip even more worthwhile - the guides found the herds every time and the camp was well set up to deal with the weather changes. Of course the Northern Lights are also a great attraction and while they cannot be guaranteed to perform I am pleased to report that they were there every night during my trip and I was able to take some beautiful photos."

"Everyone I have spoken to about my trip up there (including many Canadians as I travelled back across the country) have been surprised that there is actually such a place where they can experience the wilderness and all of its beauty, safely and with organization they can rely on. They have been enthusiastic about investigating this further and I have given them Tom's details and told them to make sure they take the opportunity of the local tour when it is offered by him. "I have no doubt that more people will want to come to Nunavik to have the opportunity to explore and learn about the region and to experience the reality of living in the camp and seeing the unique wildlife and ecosystem. "The combination of the local history given by you and the environmental experience provided by Tom made the package complete. Thank you again!"

Lessli Strong
Canberra, Australia



"In September 2015, I finally returned to the Arctic after a hiatus of 20 years. The decision I made to join Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures was one of the best in my life. Not only was the land I discovered around Ungava Bay one of the most fascinating landscapes I have ever visited and photographed but everything came together to make this trip unforgettable."

"I was a bit apprehensive that at least one of the highlights that ‘Tundra Tom’ built and advertised the trip around (i.e. Musk-ox, Northern Lights and Fall Colors) would not materialize but my fears were unfounded as all three came to be and presented some awesome photo ops. As an added bonus, the weather in early September could not have been better, crisp and rain-free. And not a mosquito in sight!"

"The northern lights danced in the sky on my first night at the wildlife camp and I spent a few hours photographing this amazing natural show that I had never observed before. Good thing I did because they never reappeared with such intensity again for the rest of the trip."

"Thanks to our guides' expertise, we were able to locate and slowly approach herds of muskoxen, close enough for photography yet far enough to respect the animals' personal space. What a thrill to get all the photos I had hoped for and walk away with the satisfaction of leaving the animals undisturbed, aware of our presence but going about their business as if we had never been there."

"Our guides were as efficient at camp as they were in the field. There was absolutely nothing that they were not willing to do, always with a smile, to make our experience more positive. The food was amazingly delicious, especially after long and arduous hikes over tough terrain and fighting a strong, chilly wind all day!"

"Compared to the explosion of colors that occurs in the fall in my home state of Minnesota, the fall colors in the Arctic landscape were certainly more subdued but no less spectacular in their own way. Bearberries and crowberries were at peak color and their bright crimson foliage, when backlit by the midday sun, was a sight to behold."

"This was one of the greatest trips of my life for the out-of-this-world imagery, the camaraderie between participants and the opportunity to learn about the land and the culture of the Inuit people who live in this harsh but beautiful land."

Dominique Braud
Farmington, MN USA



"I had a very positive experience with "Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures" and I am glad to have found this outfitter. Tom is a character, and has a great capacity to get things organized in sometimes difficult conditions. I felt I really got a opportunity to learn more about Inuit life and culture during this trip. I loved staying in a remote cabin on the River, I was impressed by the Caribou I saw, but was especially blown away by Pamiok Island which I am grateful to have visited. Eyetsiak, our guide, was very skilled and it was great to have him show us around. It was a very exciting and inspiring experience. Thank you again for everything, and I hope we get a chance to meet again in the near future."

Michel Hellman
Montreal, Quebec



"Dear Tom; Mike and I wanted to tell you how very much we enjoyed our trip to Kuujjuaq and our camping trip to view the musk ox! We are both passionate environmentalists and avid supporters of eco-tourism. We believe it is vital to ensure the local economy and community benefit when we visit any area. One of the main reasons we chose your company (Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures) was because you support this as well. When we arrived in Kuujjuaq we found that to be true. Your passion for the remote, untouched Arctic landscape and all its creatures was obvious from the moment we received your enthusiastic “hello!” at the airport. As ecotourists, we were pleased to support the Inuit airlines (First Air), Inuit hotel (Auberge Inn), local gallery, and local market. The “city” tour provided by Allen Gordon and you deepened our understanding of the mounting human and economic pressures that will determine the future of the Inuit community as well as the majestic animals we traveled so far to see."

"Our trip was amazing and we were overwhelmed at the opportunity to be able to spend time in such a wild, unspoiled, majestic area. It was an incredible adventure! The ability to see the Northern lights, wild geese, loons, ptarmigans, birds of prey, pristine lakes, and majestic musk ox in a wild setting was beyond our dreams and we are so grateful to you for all the efforts you went through to ensure we had an outstanding and memorable experience!"

"Your camp guides, Thomas, Shelby, and Michael, made our trip fun, exciting, delicious, and comfortable! Thomas was exceptional and provided vital insight, commentary, and great guiding so we could experience the musk ox in the best possible way. We’ll never forget our time on the tundra with him! Shelby and Michael did a great job as well and all three were great camp cooks!"

"Because of this trip and the knowledge we obtained about the deeply special character of the “Serengeti of the North” we feel a passionate commitment to the people and the wildlife in this extraordinary area. We have rarely been so touched by such a place and a man like you whose incomparable relationship to it and to the indigenous people and wildlife was an honor to experience. We hope that the Inuit and Nunavik government continue to support ecotourism efforts such as those provided by your company, and that the precious wildlife resources in such a wild, unspoiled area remain safe and secure so that many future generations can experience the awe and beauty of the landscape, the people, and the wildlife in the same way we were able to do during this trip."

"Thank you for a “trip of a lifetime.” We will never ever forget it—nor will we forget you, Girly, your staff, and Oscar!  We also hope you are feeling much better! We wish you continued success with your company. All the best,"

Cyndie and Mike Koopsen
Sedona, AZ  86351



"Hi Tom, I just wanted to let you know that our musk ox expedition was absolutely great!   It took a while to approach the animals but I'm glad we did it on foot.  The herds tolerated us and did not panic and run.  With patience we got close enough to shoot some amazing footage with long lenses.  It takes a lot more to film animals than to hunt them, but the rewards are lasting! I can't say enough good things about your guides and staff.  They were kind, courageous and very aware of the animal’s behavior.  They are people you can place your trust in.  I wish you every success in this non-consumptive low-impact, small-footprint approach to wildlife viewing.   Kindest regards from everyone on the shooting team for "Arctic Secrets".

Allan Code
Arctic Secrets Inc.
Whitehorse, YT



"Hello! We are just back from our recent trip to Nunavik with Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures, to see muskox in the wild. We had a wonderful trip. It was an amazing experience to see a herd of muskox in the wild. The tundra was startling beautiful and the aurora borealis put on a show that we will never forget. Our three young guides were terrific, making us feel right at home even though we were completely out of our element. It was such a privilege to walk on the tundra, with no one in sight for miles and miles. It was a privilege to see the muskox in their native environment. The silence of the tundra is silken - a gift to be enjoyed especially by those of us who live in noisy cities. I would highly recommend this trip, and this tour company, to anyone who wants to experience Nunavik in all its natural glory."

Patricia and Michael
Oakville, Ontario



“The Leaf River is a great  river to paddle. It has sections of fast water along with changing landscape as you progress down the river. There is great fishing and the opportunity to see wildlife, which included Wolves, Bear, Beaver and Caribou. The absolute bonus was camping one evening and while we were having dinner a herd of several hundred Caribou made its way through and around camp  and swam across the river by our camp. We were fortunate on several occasions to have to paddle around Caribou swimming the river. This for two New Zealanders was the highlight! Our guides looked after us very well both on and off the river with excellent river and camp skills. We were also fortunate to experience the Northern Lights on three occasions. An amazing trip thank you very much”

Murray & Marcelle Douglas
New Zealand



"Tundra Tom - thanks for the fun adventure and for helping me see my first wolf in the wild! Thought this photo looked a bit like Girly - I will send pics!"

Nikki Clarke
Woodenville, WA


"As you know, I recently visited Nunavik on a Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures musk-ox tour. I made this trip because I knew few people travel to the north and because I wanted to see what us southerners are missing. It was all that I expected, and more. The Tundra, though isolating, forced to me to think more deeply of how we are all so dependent upon the land. Scientists have “discovered” and documented what so many native peoples have known for millennia, that everything on the Earth is interconnected—the ocean currents, the prevailing winds, and all life.  Change any one element, and the entire biosphere changes."

"I’m told that mining and other commercial interests are threatening eco-tourism in the Nunavik region. I could make the argument that there are ethical interests in protecting the land—respecting the world of our ancestors, and offering aesthetic and healing escapes for our current generation. There is, however, another dimension to the pro-eco-tourism argument—providing a verdant environment for our descendants. There is little doubt that mining and commercial “development” would provide economic benefits to the Inuit (though history shows that the greatest proportion of profits goes to the corporations, most of whom have no connection with the exploited region). But what about the disadvantages of “development?” More of the land would be lost to subsistence hunting and fishing, and “development” would add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The subsequent processing of those minerals along with their use in manufacturing and distribution would further add to global warming. The great challenge for the Inuit, and indeed all humanity, is to forego immediate “benefits” in favor of long-term sustainability."

"Think of it this way, in just 150 years of industrialization we have increased global population from less than 2 billion to almost 7.5 billion and heated the average temperature of the atmosphere to the point of increasing ocean levels, and raising the intensity of storms and droughts. We are setting ourselves up for a huge die-off of humanity within the next century if we don’t radically change these trends. Eco-tourism not only benefits these small businesses and their customers, it sends the message to the rest of us that the environment needs protection. The polar regions need to remain pristine and frozen."

Sincerely, Stephen Fielding, Ph.D.
Rochester, NY


"It's hard to believe it's been only two weeks since I left that beautiful location, high up on the Canadian tundra north of Kuujjuaq! I can still feel the breeze blowing across the dwarf birch, rocky eskers, and red bearberry. I love the absolute silence and endless vistas of lakes and glacially-scoured landscape up there and the camp was situated in a location to really take advantage of the area's special beauty. The glorious aurora, reflected in the calm water of the lake, danced across the sky for us almost every night in magical light shows."

"I stayed at the camp for two back-to-back trips and am glad I did! Having that many more days to hike out on the tundra, to sit quietly in the company of a herd of muskox (a safe distance away, of course!) was a wonderful experience. As a professional wildlife cinematographer it was important for me to be able to film these animals going about their daily lives unaffected by our presence. Our guides ensured our safety around the animals while keeping their well-being uppermost. After a day out on the tundra, we devoured the delicious meals the staff prepared for us."

"It would take little to lure me back to this beautiful place, to spend another autumn with the muskox and Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures!"

Beth Davidow - Cinematographer
Beth Davidow WorldWild Productions
Prescott, AZ



"Hi Tom.  First, I had a great time in Kuujjuaq and on the 'Mingle with Musk-ox' trip.  I really do always enjoy myself when I'm out and about like this.  I'm sure I told you that at Mistastin as well.  It's not just the outing, it's many things including the kindred spirits that I always know I will meet.  Dry Bay was no exception.  Everyone was amazing ... other participants, your guides as usual and our host Allen Gorden, his daughter Emma and her partner Max. But this time was extra special because I got to see muskox up pretty close and personal."

"Tell me more about getting back up with you this fall.  I'm really not sure I will be able to do it .... first, my wife might kill or divorce me .... let me think a...... .  Second, on Friday I found out that our main vehicle is a right off for structural problems, not repairable & definitely not safe to drive.  And this was just 2 days after finding out I have leak in the hot water line at the lake.  The leak is in the worst possible place with barely a foot of crawl space.  I need a very, very small plumber who is willing to get under the cottage to try to do the repair.  Otherwise, it will be much more expensive & extensive to repair from above.  Still ... tell me about another outing with you.  I'd like to at least consider it."

"I'm almost finished my pics from Nunavik and I'm just starting to work on my images from Soper.  I'll send you my Nunavik images in a separate email.  I've sent them to the rest of the group.  But I'm still working on changing a few skies as most of the daytime skies were a little blah.  I only took my 300mm lens and no tripod when we hiked.  Bad decision.  I should have taken both with me.  I would have got sharper muskox images.  Maybe next time, eh!"

"I'll send you display images further compressed for the email but if you'd like to use any of my images, let me know and I'll send you full size images of the ones you want.  I do have a few good ones ... at least good to me! Cheers and thanks Tom"

- Bruce Raby
Perth, ON (2012 & 2014)



"Hi Tom - writing from Montreal - finally succeeded in securing a passage to Europe later today at no extra expense. Thank you again for the wonderful trip - we’ll keep you updated on future developments and promotions of your ventures in the coming weeks/months. A big hug to you and a big smooch to Girly - take care!"

Andrea & Antonella Ferrari
Anima Mundi Magazine
Calendasco, Italy



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