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Customer Trip Reviews from Past Expeditions: 2013-2012

The best possible explanation about the land, the animals, the camps and level of service that Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures provides is best described by our valued customers who have undergone their own journeys to the Arctic with us. The following testimonials are for real. If you are seriously considering joining us on our trips, please feel free to contact us and we will be pleased to put you directly in touch with those who have attended our trips over the past few seasons - and let THEM tell you about the wonderful experiences that Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures has to offer you...

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"I'm guessing most people around my age have a "bucket list" or have perhaps thought of, dreamt of, going, being somewhere far from most peoples reality, somewhere remote, distinctly different, wild, untamed, feral...
It was with great pleasure and amusement that I met Tundra Tom as we landed in the Barren Grounds of Nunavik in Northern Quebec and as I sucked in my first breath of frigid Northern Hemisphere air that moment of reality and my "bucket" being ever more full,  I smiled inside and out. I knew and it certainly felt we were "far away" from most peoples reality when the Twin Otter departed and we were left standing on the coloured Tundra in this vast continent, the small cabins next to the sub-artic lake, I was on a euphoric high and I smiled again, inside and out. There's no guarantees however that nature will play its part and although I was somewhat concerned that the weather would spoil this Aurora party you had to also wonder about the animals...this is needle-in-a-hay-stack country, it is infinitely daunting. The only single guarantee was that Mother Nature would herself transform the landscape and saturate us with vibrant autumn colour.  Expectations of this being an "animal at every turn" would be fool hardy and the only reality left was that we were going to have to "sing for our supper" and throw on those tramping boots and get out amongst it.  The cake was certainly baked and if only the obligatory Lady Luck would show up and ice it...if only... The end of the trip was threatening and there had been a couple of Wolf and Bear sightings, even an Artic Hare, lots of Ptarmigan, numerous other bird species.  Mother Nature was changing the landscape palette daily and we'd only just glimpsed the painted northern skies but the thoughts of leaving this place without unearthing the now seemingly phantom like Barren Grounds Musk Ox or Caribou or the visual exhibition of the Northern Lights was troubling me to the point of self obliteration.  I needed to see this stuff of books I'd read, images I'd seen,  David Attenborough documentaries I'd watched, time and time again; I needed it like you need the air to breath, the water you drink, so come on Lady Luck!"

"September 11 2013, two days before retreating to Kuujjuaq and the reality of defeat will be a day that forever will be be etched into my very core.  En-masse they arrived, the Musk Ox,  on a hillside opposite the camp on the other side of the lake.  You would never see them from the camp with the naked eye.  But there they were and there we were, face to face for hours watching, 100 meters or so apart, shutters happily clicking away.  I wondered for a while what the rest of the world was doing while I was lying amongst the tundra and rocks, snow gently falling, self absorbed, I didn't care.  Tom had spotted a herd the previous day from his Cessna and that was all the encouragement we required. Our stellar guides did the rest.  But Lady Luck was not done and the rest of the cake was about to be iced... That same day, long after the sun had set the wind departed along with the cloud and as the crescent moon dropped behind the crest of the ridge the painted skies of the far north I'd so longed to see put on a performance that every opera singer in the world and all the fireworks together could not hope to match this phenomenon.  Stunning, breathtaking, extravagant no amount of expression could describe the immeasurable light show dancing, shimmering at will high above us, this was photo shop on steroids, you had to be there, period!  With this bucket list ticked we bounced down the gravel runway heading for home engines labouring with a feeling of smugness, did I care at that moment we could plummet into the icy lake bet!!"

Stuart Bell
South Hedland, Australia



"Tom - Thanks for all your attentions during my two-week stay [in Nunavik]. All the efforts to make my stay more memorable and comfortable did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I’m now struggling to pick the best out of thousands and thousands of pictures!"

Carlos Carreno
Miami, FL



"Hi Tom - Below are 2 YouTube links. It’s my daughter and I running one of the fast chutes on the Elk River, without any gear in the canoe. We didn’t want to portage the canoes and she was keen to try and run them. The first video is from a GoPro camera that I had on a strap on my head. The second video is of the same run but captured by my brother Peter on shore. Turn the resolution to 1080 for best results. It was fun doing the run!"

Nestor Lewyckyj
Montreal, QC (2002, 2010, 2012 & 2013)



"Thanks Tom, musk-oxen near camp? Carlos must be ecstatic! We had to fly a helicopter to see them, we could only stay half an hour, had they been near camp I could've stood for hours watching. I went on the trip to see the caribou, that I saw none was a huge disappointment for me (No, not your fault), their disappearance intrigued me so much that I've bought a book called "The return of caribou to Ungava" (McGill University) I just started reading it, lots of details actually, but I can just skip the boring parts. I still hope to see the caribou one day and in my lifetime."

Ingrid Liem
Mississauga ON



 "Hi Tom, Thank you for the helicopter flights to see the musk ox. It was great to be able to see such magnificent animals and to get good photos of them. I hope the animals were more willing to come to the finger lake valley this week. Thank you also to you and your staff for making us so comfortable in camp."

All the best, Lesley Killough
Castlegar, BC



"Hi Tom - Stewart and I are back home, and back into our lives after an amazing experience in Northern Canada!   I have seen the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti several times.  But I am a Canadian, and I wanted to see the greatest migration on earth!"

"I want to thank you for inviting us to join the trip this year. That was a very honourable thing for you to do, and I want you to know that Stewart and I are very grateful to you for having included us. I also want to thank you for arranging the helicopter ride in Kuujjuaq and for contributing to that.  We did see Muskox, and it was thrilling.  That was a wonderful gesture on your part. Rachel, Vanessa and Gary are terrific people, and all three of them contributed greatly to giving us a wonderful experience."  

"Stewart and I were originally scheduled on Tom’s trip in 2010 that was abruptly cancelled by the government of Nunavut. Like others whose stories are set out in this blog, we communicated with the Minister of Tourism and got no response. This spring, Tom called us and offered to make good on that trip. We were very surprised…we certainly had not expected that. The trip was to Nunavik on the eastern side of Hudson Bay. It was a terrific experience and we are very grateful to Tom for being such an honourable person. As a Canadian, I am disappointed that people like Tom are not strongly encouraged and given good support by our government and Boards of Tourism. He offers a glimpse of the north in a very environmentally friendly way. Instead, we seem to be encouraging the mining companies and hunters who are ravaging this fabulous place. Bravo, Tom. I hope you keep up your good work."

"I think your program is unique and of great value.  There is very little opportunity for seeing the tundra unless you are a hunter or an adventurer.  You offer something a little more accessible. I believe this is important if we are going to be able to preserve this land. Thanks, Tom. - I hope our paths cross again."

Arlene & Stewart McKechnie
Ottawa, ON



"I just got home from a trip with Tom Faess (Tundra Tom) to the far north Nunavik area of of Quebec. It’s a new location for Toms trips, but the camp was very comfy, and we got in a lot of hiking the barrens. I had been scheduled and had paid for the trip in 2010 that the Nunavut govt cancelled. This is a beautiful area and I got to see the musk oxen that I was so anxious to see. Tom made good on the trip for me. I can’t think of many people who would honor, 3 years later, a trip previously paid for…..but he did. So besides being a colorful character, he is an honorable man. Thanks, Tom!"

Miquel Correll
Houston, Texas



"I thoroughly enjoyed my "Caribou, Autumn Colours and Northern Lights" trip on the Ungava Peninsula in September 2013 with Tundra Tom. It was not just the colours but the textures of the lichen and the ground cover that were spectacular. I had only seen the Northern Lights once in the South in over forty years, and it was thrilling to see them over the course of an evening as they changed in shape and intensity. The tundra wolf which I was lucky enough to photograph (see elsewhere on this web site). This trip was my second with Tom and I look forward to doing another one. Thanks a million Tom for an unforgettable experience."

Jim Phelan
Toronto, ON (1999 & 2013)



"While visiting our daughter in August of 2010, my husband and I received word that the trip to Nunavut that we had so looked forward to was cancelled. Many hours, many phone calls,many emails, much research later we realized that like Tom we had been subjected to the unfair treatment of the Nunavut government. Despite letters to the Minister, calls to the Tourism association and even a broadcast over CBC Iqaluit, we were not able to take our “trip of a lifetime”.

"Fast forward to the spring of 2013 when Tom contacted us and said that he wanted to honour his commitment to us by offering us a trip to Nunavik instead. He was certainly under no obligation to do so. We were surprised but decided to take his kind offer. Our trip to Nunavik was a “trip of a lifetime” as we got to walk in the barrenlands, to see pristine lakes, to observe the remnants of much early Inuit settlement in the area, to have our first float plane ride. Tom and his staff were welcoming and very professional."

"All I can say is that the governments of all northern places should be encouraging more people like Tom to promote tourism in the beautiful barrenlands of this vast country."

Elizabeth & James Stark
Toronto, ON



I had my trip in 2010 cancelled regrettably. However, Tom remained in contact with me, and was able to provide a 'replacement’ trip this summer to Nunavik to walk on the tundra to observe muskox and other wildlife. It was a great trip, exceeding expectations. The trip logistics, timeline, service, and content were outstanding. Thank you, Tom, for providing this replacement for the cancelled trip."

Glen Brown
Vancouver, BC



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