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Customer Trip Reviews: 2003-2002

The best possible explanation about the land, the animals, the camps and level of service that Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures provides is best described by our valued customers who have undergone their own journeys to the Arctic with us. The following testimonials are for real. If you are seriously considering joining us on our trips, please feel free to contact us and we will be pleased to put you directly in touch with those who have attended our trips over the past few seasons - and let THEM tell you about the wonderful experiences that Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures has to offer you...

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"It was a super vacation [Clarke-Thelon River Expedition]. Monique and I enjoyed it immensely! The Clarke River is very pretty, with such varied scenery that every bend seemed to hold a new and interesting landscape. The grayling were always entertaining, and fun. The narrowness of the river was neat. The Thelon, large and powerful was as I expected, but was faster than I thought. The treed area of the oasis was more extensive than I realized. The historical aspects of this river, was something that I have read and thought about for a long time. In short the trip was the trip of a lifetime, the wolves we saw were a bonus. Judith was a patient, knowledgeable guide, with a calm and steady demeanor. Her understanding of rivers, and water were truly an asset on the Clarke. Allicia was also great. She is enthusiastic, capable, and responsible. Thanks again Tom - It was a great vacation!"

Dr. David Welbourne
Thunder Bay, Ontario


"Thanks for making "an old dream come true". Each and every one of you expressed very legitimate concerns about the potential for economic development impacts to damage the "jewel". Rest assured, I will do my best to help identify materials and individuals that could be of some value or importance in your efforts to preserve this most sacred place from damage. Thank you,"

E. Jeanne Gagnon
Yellowknife, NWT



"A "Thank You" -beyond words- to all of you - you lived up to all Northern hospitality fame. Hope to cross paths again!

Thelma Howard
Saskatoon, SK



Visiting the tundra at the headwaters of the legendary Thelon River was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I came for the musk oxen and the caribou, but left with ever so much more. The exceptional beauty of the area begs for superlatives, but all of them seem trite in comparison to the incredible feelings generated by one of the most profoundly stirring landscapes in Canada. The huge rolling sand eskers covered in a mantle of bearberries, and a host of other colorful tundra plants, seemed too red to be real. They almost looked more like planted hanging gardens than nature at her best! The feeling of solitude and wilderness became most acute under the breathtaking night sky as aurora danced and sang their hypnotic music of the spheres. No one could look up at the shows we experienced and not feel a sense of awe and humility. It was a real treat to see and share in the passion you and your staff so obviously feels toward the North. Your stories about the early aboriginal inhabitants, and the explorers and trappers who followed them, made history come alive. No one could visit your camp without a new respect for God's country and all who have dared to call it home. Let's hope that the Thelon watershed remains a sanctuary for generations to come, especially for the wildlife and plants, which thrive only when given room to breath. I have traveled to many places in Canada and other parts of the world, but few have ever stirred me so deeply as the tundra and the wildlife at Whitefish Lake. In my mind I am back there already."

Dennis Fast / Wildlife Photographer
Kleefield, Manitoba



"The Thelon: - a true northern jewel - unique and of far greater value that all the diamonds in the NWT - alive, radiant, bustling with life. What a wonderful experience. It's one that I've already begun to share with others. A heartfelt thanks to Allicia, Andrew, Terry and Larry for -sharing their knowledge and skills in such a range of areas (biology, botany, archaeology, history, geology, scouting, guiding, cooking, baking.) -making everyone feel at home"

Anke Tuininga
Yellowknife, NT



"My week at your camp was magical. I am definitely bitten by the Barrenlands. The landscape during that autumn week was a photographer's paradise. But the uncompromising quality of that land is nothing short of spiritual. To be able to witness the Caribou and their environment as they've always been was a great privilege. The camp was perfect. I'm so glad I had the chance to be there this year before the new Quonset is built. I'm sure it will be a great addition for everyone, especially the staff, but I loved that little cabin and its little sitting room/library. Your staffs are all unique individuals and each one made an important contribution to my time there. There knowledge and love of the tundra was evident and they each had the ability to make me feel that I, along with the others in the group, were the only guests they had all year! Your own love and commitment to the Barrens is obvious and I'm so glad that in the short time I was there I got to learn a bit about the history and politics of the area. Thank you Tom for a wonderful experience. I hope to return."

Gwen Curry / Photographer
Brentwood Bay, BC



"An absolutely wonderful experience! I have traveled from Circle City, Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, through the Rockies and Andes and into the Amazon, and to Nepal and Southeast Asia. I worked as a naturalist guide in the Galapagos Islands and as a park interpreter in Banff National Park. My wife and I have hiked and backpacked throughout wilderness areas in the Rockies, Andes and in the Himalaya. In all of my travels, I have never experienced a sense of awe as I experienced in the Barren Lands on my trip with you last September. It is still an experience and a feeling that is difficult to express in words. The Barren Lands are the heart and soul of not only Canada, but all of North America. It is the incredible expanse of untouched wilderness that brings us so much closer to Nature and ourselves. You, your guides, cooks and support staff are all to be commended for being sensitive to both the natural and cultural heritage of these lands and for promoting their protection."

Jeff Waugh / B.Sc. Wildlife Science
Inti Travel and Tours, Inc. (2003 & 2005)
Banff, Alberta


"I was on the Thelon River trip [Wardens Grove-Thelon Expedition] that Judith Niemi led in mid-July. I wanted to thank you for all that you did to make my Thelon experience so wonderful. I truly enjoyed the sense of freedom, the silence, the space, and the chance to experience the beauty of the Thelon. I am homesick for the Arctic and hope to return someday. I've attached a collage of some photos from my trip. The picture with the cliffs on the left and the canoe in the water is going to be published in an upcoming Sunday edition of the Fargo Forum. The newspaper has a weekly feature where they publish interesting vacation photos from local readers. This photo will have a brief description of my trip. I've given a presentation on the Thelon to the local Kiwanis club and I am going to present similar information to a group of people at Microsoft. It was a wonderful place to visit and definitely deserves the attention."

Tonya Fehr (2003)
Lisbon, ND



"I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you once again for an outstanding barrenlands experience with you and your staff. I learned so much about your area and all that it has to offer. It was really valuable to experience everything first hand and get to know how you operate. I've gone through my pictures with everyone I know and people comment on how passionate I am about what I'm telling them, from the history to the landforms to the wildlife, oh yes the fish too! I hope that you will be able to pass along my comments to your staff. The staff did an exceptional job accommodating the multiple interests of the group each day, and showing patience with all. The interpretive trips were great. Once we found the animals, the guides did a great job ensuring that we got closer for good observation, without being obtrusive and that the viewing opportunities were maximized. It was obvious that all your staff cares a great deal about their work and they understand how important customer service is. I felt that they did an exceptional job in keeping the interpretive hikes fresh, even though they've done it dozens/hundreds of times before. This is a key point for me as an agent who will send my clients there, and all your staff deserves a big pat on the back for that. The camp and the day's activities were very well organized, and everything ran smoothly. The staff followed a tireless routine and everything was kept amazingly clean. The meals were great, really impressive considering the logistics, and even though I burnt off thousands of calories each day, I actually put on a few pounds while I was there. The fishing was good and I wish I had another week there to truly 'bond' with those big lakers. The barrenlands are a wonderful place to be: seemingly empty, yet so rich with history, plants, birds and animals. I'm quite drawn to this land that you love so much and I am beginning to understand why you call it home and why it is so special to you. I've got a lot more reading to do and I'm going to seek out some of the titles from your library. There were a couple of special moments for me when I was there, and I'm sure all of your guests have them. For me the best was when I was sitting down by the creek trying to figure out which lure to use next when a gyrfalcon came lazily along the shoreline, flying low, totally oblivious to my presence and when he saw me, he came closer and actually hovered above me for 3-4 seconds and then continued on his hunt over toward Indian Lake. He was so close I could have touched him with the end of my fly rod. A couple of other moments were the musk ox stalk (where he was stalking us!) and when Vicki and I were on the Sandy River portage and we came very close to a small herd of about 15 caribou. The history of 'Gusland' and the spiritual rock by the creek also had an effect on me. The challenges that your region is facing from mining interests are massive. There is no doubt that the wildlife and the ecosystem will be impacted. Your operations, as with most tourism interests, are a sustainable type of development that impacts natural environments very little. If you ever need my company to speak up on behalf of your operations, the Thelon region in terms of its value as an intact ecosystem, tourism potential and value, etc. please do not hesitate to contact me and let me know what I can do. If you are ever in the Edmonton area and need a place to stay, Vicki and I would be pleased to have you come out to our home east of Edmonton and spend some time with us, and by all means come by the office anytime and say hello. Thanks again for the opportunity to experience your camp at Whitefish Lake, your gracious hospitality and the terrific contrasts of the tundra."

Jim Storey / President and Managing Partner
The Great Canadian Adventure Company
Edmonton. AB (2003 & 2006)



"Must write to tell you how much we enjoyed our trip [Dance with Wolves] with Great Canadian Ecoventures this summer. It was wonderful to be able to visit such a remote and atmospheric part of Canada. It is a cliché to talk of timeless landscapes but one could easily imagine bands of stone age hunters crossing the tundra, which seemed to go on forever. Seeing exciting species like white tundra Wolves, Musk Oxen and birds like Yellow Billed Loon and nesting gyrFalcon was of course the highlight of the trip. However, just to be in such a fantastic and unspoiled environment made the long journey from England worthwhile. The camp at Whitefish Lake, although delightfully simple was comfortable and provided everything we needed. We really enjoyed meeting all the GCE staff including Andy, Denise, Kyle, Brad, Greg, Terry and, of course, you, Tom! All were friendly, helpful and enthusiastic lovers of the wilderness. We have made several trips to many exciting parts of the world in pursuit of wilderness and wildlife but this one stands out as one of the more memorable. The only depressing aspect was learning of the threat which commercial diamond mining poses to this pristine area. This is particularly upsetting coming as we do from England where the entire wilderness was destroyed centuries ago. Many thanks for a wonderful trip and hope to see you again one day."

Don and Sandra Otter
Berkhamsted, England



"I had an excellent trip with you and your staff and have not stopped telling people it is the best northern adventure I have had. If I can do it I want to go again possibly next year. It is truly a fascinating part of the world that is available only to a lucky few but must be kept as is to protect what is so unique. Your ability to add some of the historical information about some of the early Dene' and people like Gus Daoust is valuable. Best wishes to you on your flying and in organizing and booking again for next year."

Hon. Joseph Handley
Government of the NWT
Yellowknife, NWT



"Words seem so pitifully inadequate to describe the Barrenlands of the Northwest Territories. The landscape, wildlife and weather all combine to make this the most unique environment that I have photographed. Just the immense vastness of the country would have been enough of a reminder of how insignificant our self-acclaimed importance really is. But add to the remoteness of that space the extraordinary geology, evidence of pre-history, and the awesome celestial display of the Aurora Borealis, one's soul is deeply touched and changed forever. Even without my passion for nature photography I could have spent every minute of every day in awe of the environment. Although my passion was rewarded constantly either with a magnificent landscape, abstract macro, or unique wildlife photo opportunity, the images brought back on film can not compare to the rich memories of the experience of this place. The comradely and bonding; being dropped off by float plane to stalk prehistoric Musk-ox on a barren landscape; ancient stone artifacts reminding us of the passing of time and a primitive existence from the earth; and on Wednesday: wind, rain, hail, sun, snow, clouds, and a double rainbow from horizon to horizon. Tundra Tom provides an incredible tour to such a remote and harsh area. Without a doubt, the base camp at Whitefish Lake is the most comfortably appointed wilderness camp I have stayed in with hot showers, heated tents, and even a cozy library. The well-stocked larder is complimented by freshly caught lake trout or grayling cooked on the grill. Tundra biscuits and bannock bread. The question is not when will I return, but rather, for how long?"

Stephen G. Maka / Photographer
Sherborn, MA (1999, 2000, 2001, 2003)



"I took a couple of days off work and took my 14-year-old daughter Catherine out on a naturalist trip to the tundra for four days. We went to Whitefish Lake (between here and the border of Nunavut, just before the Thelon Game Sanctuary). We went with Great Canadian Ecoventures on their "Dance with Wolves" program. Cat, of course, loves everything to do with wolves, asked if we could go on the trip about a month ago. So I checked it out with Great Canadian Ecoventures and booked us to go. We had a great time - lots of outdoor time. We were up most mornings between 7:30 and 9:00 for breakfast and were out walking the tundra in search of wildlife for about four hours, back to camp for lunch or we brought our our lunch, then out again in the afternoon for four hours, back to camp for supper, then out again in the evening for a few hours and back to camp for bed. It was awesome!! The tundra is so spectacular and so amazing with plant life and wildlife. We got to see a huge white wolf, a herd of 21 musk oxen, a blue fox, two white caribou, an arctic hare, a gyrfalcon and her nest, a moose way off in the distance, various other birds, a sic-sic that lived around the camp and a lemming that kept sneaking into the kitchen. For me personally, the weather was a little too hot for all the hiking we did across the tundra, as we went through sand, moss, lichen, hummocks, marsh, high eskers, ridges and hills. Although some of the time there was a nice wind blowing to keep us cool and the bugs away. But the scenery was well worth the heat - it was so humbling to see the vastness of the land - like you could see tomorrow if you kept looking across the horizon! The staffs at the camp were absolutely wonderful and so knowledgeable about the area as the three guides have been working there between three to seven years. Our camp cook and part-time guide, Denise is a nurse from Rae who took time off work to go work in the camp for ten days! Food was excellent and the company was great. Cat and I flew out with six other people so there was eight of us with four guides. One of the guests already out at camp is a professional photographer from Alaska and he was out all hours of the day taking photos. He watched Cat do some drawings and gave her $60 to do a drawing for him of a wolf! He was impressed with her drawings and how she seemed to have a picture already in mind as she drew - she didn't even stop to think of what she was drawing and where to put things, she just went ahead and did it. Two other fellows had great cameras with a couple of different lenses - a macro and zoom. They got our email addresses so they can pass around pictures they took at camp. I took a few photos of the musk oxen and am hoping they will turn out. I wasn't thinking fast enough when we saw the wolf so I missed taking a photo of that. But I am not worried as I know that two of the guys had their cameras trained on the wolf before he ran so we will get some good photos from them. All in all, we had a great time and hope to go back next September for the caribou migration."

Barb Dillon
Yellowknife, NT



"Never had I imagined when I booked my trip to the NWT that it would have such an impact on my soul. What I discovered was abundant beauty at every turn - reflections in a glacial lake at first light, the perfect silence of the land (to be broken only by the wind stirring in the white pines), brilliant green northern lights dancing in the night sky, double rainbows appearing over whitefish lake, holding a 4,000 year old arrowhead in my hand, seeing my first grizzly track and a whole bunch of wolf tracks, and baby ptarmigans playing in the willows -- to name a few. I met some really interesting people on the trip and I know they were as appreciative of the land and the animals as I was. The thrill of a face-to-face (or I suppose it was face to snout) encounter with the shaggy, prehistoric and magical Musk ox was something that I could not have even imagined. I could have lain out on the tundra for the entire day just watching the Musk ox sleep, graze, socialize, and move around! The Musk ox and all of the animals that we saw had a natural curiosity about us and made viewing them special indeed. Tundra Tom and Andrew, the lead guide, were very respectful of the animals and made sure to balance our experience with the animals' comfort of us being there. Canadians should know that they are heirs to an extraordinarily rich and unique ecosystem that should be protected and appreciated - that which is called the Thelon. Taking a trip with Tundra Tom gave me the rare privilege to experience the Thelon in all of its fall glory. I'd highly recommend that anyone take a trip with Great Canadian Ecoventures. They take such wonderful care of their guests - from the hikes, the historical/local information and stories, to the wonderful meals and comfortable tents! When I came home to Toronto, my friends asked what the "best" part of my trip was. I found that a very difficult thing to answer because I couldn't think of just one. The entire trip was enchanting. The land was more touched by wonder and possibility than any since that I have known. I hope to return again!"

Tracey Hawken
Marketing Executive and Photographer
Winnipeg, MB



"We had great expectations of our trip to the tundra and had been looking forward to the adventure for 8 months. In our imaginations we had very high hopes-which made it difficult for anything to live up to them. But we were not disappointed. Our guides were knowledgeable, creative, and considerate. From the first meeting we were put at our ease and introduced to the wonders of the surrounding Esker, given time to enjoy it on our own, or to join the forays to search for wildlife. It was obvious that animals had no fear of the inhabitants of the camp, as caribou wandered nonchalantly through the area. While we watched and photographed there was always a strong feeling of respect and awe for the life on the Tundra. It was a unique experience, and a privilege, to be so close to wildlife in a non-threatening, and non-combative scenario. I have to congratulate Tundra Tom on his vision and ability to inspire others with his deep love of the Tundra. I hope that many more visitors will be able to experience the wild places in the future."

Tessa Jamieson, Pauline Campbell
Victoria, BC, Canada



"The Canadian Tundra is truly a vast and exciting place to visit no matter what your reasons. You can see things in the tundra that are not available anywhere else. The incredible scenery was more than I expected. To be able to view musk ox and white wolves was a bonus on top of everything else. The Ecoventures guides and accommodations were second to none. We had great meals at every serving; all with that good ole home cooking flavor. The guide service was very accommodating to our every whim. Even though I was there for photography; on one of the slow days one of the guides took me fishing for lake trout. What more can I say except thanks for the great memories!"

Russ Rozell
Houston, TX



"From the moment I boarded the bush plane and started out, I realized that this was going to be like no other adventure I had been on. The expanse and pristine beauty went on forever. There is a wonderful sense of time/timelessness about the place. At once there was immediacy where the place, the animals and weather set the course of the day and at the same time seeing thousands of years of migration tracks linked now to an ancient time. Your reading stories about the place gave a depth to the experience that was palpable. Andy and Alicia were excellent guides and the accommodations were great. As I arrived at camp I felt my soul let down and relax in a way that I hadn't felt in a long time. In fact that was the hardest part about leaving. I wrestled with myself for weeks getting used to the confines of my life. I highly recommend Tom and his crew. You will have an amazing journey."

Jim Ambrogi
Erwinna, PA



"I don't have words to describe this truly awesome place and the feelings it provoked in me. Immersed in a world of orange and red, among ghost-like moving musk oxen and curious caribous I enjoyed every minute of it. Unexpectedly Tom made one of my dreams come true. For my second week of "Dance with the Caribou" he offered to fly me out for my own little canoe adventure. Andrew and Alicia did their best to outfit me with a superb tent and whatever else I needed or liked. Thank you all for going the extra mile."

Christine Rennhard
Adliswil, Switzerland


"It is hard to describe the richness of my experiences in the vast Arctic tundra and sandy eskers. There is no question that the land, the sky, the waters, the winds and the creatures that inhabit them are as alive as you and I. In the huge silence and wildness of the place I discovered their voices and felt their spirits with all my being. This is a place outside of time as we know it. Its memories are etched in the face of the earth, held in the stones and kept alive through the migrations of caribou and musk ox. It was healing for me to be so totally in the moment, to remember that part of myself that loves the untamed wild. It was a pleasure to play outside for so many hours and to return to camp, happy, tired and hungry, to a warm kitchen, great food, a hot shower and a cozy bed. You and your staff were caring, knowledgeable and competent. Your love of this place is heartfelt and it translates to the experiences of your guests. Thank you for a remarkable adventure. Please give my regards to Andy, Alicia and Kate."

Karen Ambrogi
Erwinna, PA 18920


"My Great Canadian Ecoventures trip on the Clarke-Thelon River Expedition in July 2002 was one of the most fascinating, beautiful, remote, challenging, and fun experiences I have ever had. I can't imagine a better way to experience Arctic tundra vegetation and wildlife. The Thelon is such a magnet for animals I've never been able to see before - caribou, grizzly bears, Arctic wolves, musk oxen, jaegers, Arctic loons, and more. The amazing variety of blooming wildflowers also kept me busy and entertained - heaven for a plant ecologist. While I am an experienced wilderness traveler, this is the most remote trip I've taken, and I'm grateful for your help in making it possible. It really helped to have the resources you provided before the trip too, including your terrific web site with its many links and maps. I really appreciate the sensitivity you show to the Thelon's ecosystems, and the respect you have for the area's wildlife. It's not easy to provide access to remote wilderness areas while also helping to protect them, but I feel that Canadian Ecoventures does that. Thank you again - "

Hannah Dunevitz
Plant Ecologist
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources



"Thanks, Tom, for a wonderful experience {Clarke-Thelon River Expedition}; the Thelon is a splendid place, and it was a rare privilege to travel through an area that's both so wild (we saw ten times the musk ox I've seen on other Arctic trips - combined!) and so full of the history of the peoples who have lived and hunted there for so long. We stopped at several archeological sites, and I remember thinking, "Yes, this feels like wilderness, but to the people who camped and hunted here, this was the 'supermarket'.. And to be there with an all-women's group was special, too, as it was to travel with someone who cares so much for protecting such a unique place and its inhabitants."

Virginia Hoeffding (2002 & 2003)
Ashland, MA



"It's been two months now since my adventure with the caribou. Usually that is time enough for things to settle back down so that I can look back and make a reasonable assessment on a past trip. But I've got to tell you - even now, whenever I think back on my adventure to the Thelon I get just as thrilled and excited as when I was actually there. I chose this trip, as a photographer, because I wanted to give myself the best possible opportunity to watch and experience the movement of caribou across a landscape filled with blazing autumn colors. My hopes and expectations were met beyond what I could have imagined. The experiences with the musk ox and wolves added even more to this magnificent trip. I love getting away to remote areas. Your well-put together base camp gave me this without having to suffer through the little inconveniences that can sometimes be found when spending time in such a wild area. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent with your kind and helpful guides and in fact I had a great time with everyone I met during my stay on the tundra. The Thelon is one of those regions were each trip just beckons you to come back. That's what it has done for me anyhow. I intend to set up a return stay for two weeks in September 2004. Thanks Tom for a most memorable journey. Hope to see you and your crew again."

- Kenny Bahr / Photographer
Falls City, ND (2002, 2004)


"Dancing with the Caribou! I thought this was a gimmick - only to find that it's for real, it's fun, and it works. We had so much fun watching the curiosity of the caribou as we 'danced them in' close enough for some great pictures. It was just as much fun to dance enough so that they were not spooked and still able to graze unhindered as we watched. . This was my second trip with Ecoventures - I attended Dance with Wolves in 2001. So many memories a land so vast that it appeared empty. Yet upon closer look, so full of life. Lichens crunching beneath our boots. Scents of Labrador Tea as we brush through the depressions on the tundra. Hummock hopping. Walking through the sand. Endless supplies of blueberries and cranberries. A prehistoric looking musk ox peeking at us through the trees on the esker: has he seen a human before? A young caribou edging ever closer to us. A quick and urgent look around upon finding the relatively fresh tracks of a Barrens Grizzly. Caribou tracks followed by two sets of wolf tracks. A fox suddenly trotting in front of us across the sand. Solitary caribou gradually forming small groups as the week progressed. Stone flakes recently uncovered by the wind indicating an old Indian chipping site where weapons were patiently made while awaiting the caribou crossing. 8,000 years of history. How can there be so much history in this vast expanse of land? The evidence is everywhere. Four Indian log cabins at the true headwaters of the Thelon River. Andrew's spellbinding and heart wrenching interpretive on the End of the History on our final day; the Etthen Eldeli; the graves; our tears. Howling winds. Pounding waves on the lake during a gale. Rainbows. A double rainbow. Ears straining to hear a sound in the deafening silence. Eyes straining to find the movement of wildlife on a land so still. Readings about life in the Thelon. Living in the moment with no set plans because all activities are determined by the weather or by the sudden appearance of wildlife. Feelings of excitement; of peace. Andrew and Alicia were great. They very willingly shared their knowledge and researched in your library the things they didn't know. There were group excursions yet always time to experience this beautiful land on our own. And Kate, such a presence at camp and could she cook! Camp has so many comforts of home including showers and a library. The Thelon area is so important to this world. Why? It's Paradise on Earth is Even if I can't be there now, I just need to know it's there, wild and free. Please let me know what I can do to help protect this precious place. PLEASE WRITE YOUR BOOK!!!"

- Terry Lindberg (2001, 2002 & 2006)
Northboro, MA



"I am so glad my daughter, Terry, asked me to return to the Barrens with her with year, she had been last year! And that I was brave enough to endure the plane rides to get there. I have done a lot of traveling by car around the United States and have seen most of our country. But all of that didn't prepare me for the Barrens. It was exceptionally beautiful, peaceful, quiet and lonely. I think you can't really understand the land without knowing how people lived there. And the readings done by Andrew, Alicia and you made the land come to life. I think the land has crept into my soul. One morning I was up very early and got to watch 6 caribou grazing their way across the ridge behind camp, along with a gorgeous sunrise. They didn't know I was there and came quite close to me. Another time Kate (your cook) spotted a musk ox and she, with three of us, crept in very close for pictures. But probably the highlight would have to be just sitting on the tundra (soaking up the silence) and having lunch in the warm sunshine with Andrew and our small group after we had "danced" some caribou in fairly close. Andrew and Alicia both work very hard and long days to make things just right for us - and safe. I greatly appreciated their efforts. They really worked as a team themselves and brought all of us together, and they passed on their love of the land and their respect for all plants and animals."

- Betty Lindberg (2002 & 2006)
Stow, MA



"I would like to express how much I loved my Barrenland adventure in August 2002. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing the tundra actually is. When we arrived there, I was absolutely amazed by the vastness and the beautiful expanses. I though that even if I did not see one animal the entire time I was there, I would have left fulfilled and satisfied due to the fact that the landscape is so alive. The sunrises and sunsets were huge and full of extreme reds and yellows. Everything is in extremes. The colors of the ground were like none I had ever seen before greens turning to mauves and reds. The lichens on the rocks and boulders were delicate and awesome. The moss around the glacial pools was almost florescent green, and the water was the brightest blue that I have ever seen. It is simply amazing to look around. The wind seemed ceaseless for the first few days, (and I m a prairie gal who is used to wind). Then we had an actual _windstorm!_ I could not believe the force of the wind! It was positively humbling and exhilarating. Even the blueberries were in extreme amounts. There were places where they were so thick that they were crushed in great amounts under our feet! When the sun shone, it warmed us up instantly, and when the clouds came out, there was a definite chill! The sand eskers are beautiful. It is so surprising to see them lying on the tundra like huge snakes. We walked the eskers every day, exploring the immense amount of life that they hold. We saw wolf dens, mushrooms, flowers, birds of all kinds, fox dens, sic-sic holes, as well as caribou, musk ox and wolf tracks everywhere, including in the camp when we returned from our walks! We also saw places where the First Nations people had lived, leaving house remnants, chipping stations and stone rings from their tents behind. We saw areas where trappers lived, and places of great archeological and geological interest. Soon after we arrived we began to see caribou. They seemed to be on every hill and around every corner once we knew what to look for. We came across a musk ox one day - a little too close for my taste! Then a different musk ox came and sat down on the esker, overlooking the base camp! It sat there for 2 hours before moving on. We could hear the wolves howling during the day and in the night. Several mornings they left their tracks around our tents as well. Yikes! There are places out on the tundra that are so moving and spiritual that they cannot be described in words. They are to be experienced in your soul. Tundra Tom (and his guides Andrew and Alicia) knows this area very well. We were taken on unbelievable excursions. Tundra Tom did the 'Dance with the Caribou' with a few of us. I had no idea what to expect. We spotted a few caribou from the boat, and before I knew it, we had pulled up on shore. We crept up to the top of a hill, were laying on our bellies, and all of a sudden, there was Tom, arms up, snorting and running around. I could not believe my eyes when the caribou came closer, prancing and snorting, to see him. He had actually called them in! My heart was pounding with excitement! It was truly amazing. The accommodations and food far exceeded my expectations. The tents were comfy and spacious. There was a shower house with hot running water. We had meals like lasagna, steak and potatoes, bacon and eggs, salads, soups, desserts absolutely delicious meals prepared by the guides with exceptional service as well. Andrew and Alicia went far beyond what they needed to do to keep us comfortable. I felt very pampered. I cannot say enough about this incredible place and the people who are involved with the operations. I am so full of gratitude for the opportunity to see and experience the tundra with this group of people. My life has truly been enriched. I am more than willing to describe this place to anyone who is interested in going! Thanks Tom."

- Lisa Clouston
Winnipeg, MB



"Whitefish Lake is at a beautiful location offering great day hikes over the esker and the tundra. The trips by boat showed us additional interesting and scenic spots beyond hiking range. The staff was intimately acquainted with the terrain, and very helpful in guiding us to places of interest. You delivered all we could expect in fall migration caribou watching. The "dance" technique worked marvelously. Marilyn and I used it with great success on excursions out on our own. It brought lots of caribou into close viewing range--within a dozen meters on the best try. We would still like to see the mass spring migration sometime, but having failed to see a single caribou at a planned rendezvous with the Porcupine herd last year, we are aware of the gamble involved.) Having hot water available for showers and washing a little clothing was an unaccustomed but much-enjoyed luxury at a campsite. So was a warm dining room. We are more used to sitting on the ground while eating in camp. The spacious sleeping accommodations make storage of gear and changing clothes easy. The lamp and heater were a nice touch, though we seldom used them. Being able to sleep on a foam pad on a raised platform meant that a good sleeping bag provided adequate warmth. In summary, we had a wonderful time, got some good photos, and returned with memories that will be cherished for a long time. Thanks for making such a memorable experience possible!"

- Richard & Marilyn Bates
Guerneville, CA



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